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Exploring Australia's Waters: A Sailing Enthusiast's Guide to the Gold Coast

Gold Coast

The Gold Coast needs to be seen to be believed, with visitors coming from every corner of the globe to sail the ocean and bask in its beauty. A tourism mecca with white sand and impossibly blue surf, the Gold Coast has aptly named its hottest area in the region - Surfers Paradise. ...

Posted By JenniferA on 16th July 2019

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4 Atmospheric Accommodation Ideas to Bring You Close to Nature


A study by the University of Queensland found that being out in nature has significant health benefits. Those who spend at least 30 minutes outdoors a week were far less likely to have problems with high blood pressure. The risk of heart disease, depression, anxiety ...

Posted By JenniferD on 22nd December 2018

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5 Activities Australian Waters are Famous for

Australian Surfing

Australia is the island continent surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans. The continent has 35,877 km (22,293 mi) of coastline with an additional 23,859 km (14, 825 mi) of island coastline. Since most of our cities are located near the coast, you have plenty of opportunities ...

Posted By JenniferA on 6th October 2016

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Take a Dive to Interact with Aquatic Life

Great Barrier Reef Diving

Are you ready to descend into a picturesque world surrounded by schools of colourful, tropical fish? Do you long to be able to breathe underwater, to feel weightless while witnessing the beautiful marine environment? Why not take a dive to interact with aquatic life in northern ...

Posted By mick on 7th July 2016

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The Sydney Harbour Experience

Birthday Sailing

What is the first image that comes to mind when you think of a trip to Sydney? If you ask most people including myself the answer is Sydney Harbour. Usually a beautiful areal shot of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and opera house, with the glistening blue water underneath on a picturesque ...

Posted By Daniel Da Silva on 23rd April 2016

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How to Make Your Cycling Holiday More Memorable This Year

Family Bike Riding

Setting off on two wheels is often a liberating experience. It’s a way for us to explore the world much quicker than the pedestrian pace we can manage on our own two feet – but in a more invigorating and enriching way than being behind the wheel of a car. It’s ...

Posted By mick on 15th March 2016

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Fly to Hamilton Island In VIP Style with a Private Helicopter Charter

Fish near Hamilton Island

The Friendly Skies Welcome You Ever since practical transportation flight became a reality several decades ago, people have had a desire to soar into the clouds and visit far-off, exotic destinations. Whether our demands landed us on business jets, private flights or just a ...

Posted By mick on 23rd January 2016

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Melbourne Crime Tour

I have visited Melbourne many times, but this time I felt like doing something a bit different! I went on a Melbourne Crime Tour to learn about some of Melbourne’s criminal past and most notorious events. The tour guide was great very knowledgeable and passionate and allowed ...

Posted By chantelle on 16th April 2014

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Scuba Diving off The Great Barrier Reef

Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

Go Scuba Diving Off The Barrier Reef With A Whitsunday Dive Adventure A must do for anyone in Australia, whether you are a resident or visiting from overseas is to go scuba diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Even if you have never done scuba before, it is well worth doing. Sure, ...

Posted By mick on 30th October 2012

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Christmas Gift Ideas

Rally Drive Experience

If you are stuck for Christmas Gift Ideas you will love our latest offer! For a limited time purchase one of the following experiences vouchers and you or the recipient will get to bring along a friend for free! Vouchers are valid for 6 months. To take advantage of this offer ...

Posted By mick on 20th December 2011

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Tali Wiru

Tali Wiru

An incomparable evening. Dining under the outback sky Tali Wiru, meaning ‘Beautiful Dune’ in the local Anangu language is an exceptional dining experience for a maximum of 20 guests which will begin approximately 1 hour prior to sunset with a transfer to a private ...

Posted By mick on 11th November 2011

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Paradise Country

Paradise Country

Paradise Country is located just off the highway on the Gold Coast. For many years I have been meaning to head over and take a look at what Paradise Country is about. Basically it can be summarised as an Aussie Farm Tour with a bit of a show here and a few laughs there. On arrival ...

Posted By mick on 7th September 2011

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Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Wildnight Adventure

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Recently I was fortunate enough to visit the Currumbin Wildlife Santuary and take part in the Wildnight Adventure here is an account of my experience. The Wildnight Adventure included a BBQ buffet meal, an aboriginal dance and show with live didgeridoo playing, together with ...

Posted By mick on 6th September 2011

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Four Wheel Driving

Four wheel driving is a fun and unique way to explore Australia. Australia's vast and diverse terrain offers hundreds of unique destinations for this popular activity. Escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and explore Australia's Backyard! Each state in Australia offers ...

Posted By mick on 30th August 2011

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Let an Organised Tour do the Planning for you

When you are on holiday the last thing you want is to become stressed by having to plan everything. After some holidays you can feel like you need another holiday! I find the best type of holiday is going on a fixed itinerary tour. Everything is already planned for you such as ...

Posted By chantelle on 9th August 2011

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Kuranda Scenic Railway

Kuranda Scenic Railway

If you want a fun scenic form of transport from Cairns to Kuranda village then the Kuranda Scenic Railway is one of the best options. It is a must- do if you are in Cairns or if you are visiting far north Queensland. Experience the historic Kuranda Scenic Railway as it travels ...

Posted By chantelle on 8th August 2011

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Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef feels like a world away but it is only a short trip from Cairns. The Great Barrier Reef is one of the best places in Australia that I have ever visited; you really have to see it for yourself to understand its true beauty. There are plenty of places to ...

Posted By chantelle on 3rd August 2011

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Outback Spectacular

If you are after good service, good entertainment and good food on the Gold Coast then you need to visit Outback Spectacular! It's a fun way to learn about Australian history, and to see some great horse riding skills as tricks and races are performed throughout the show. This ...

Posted By chantelle on 1st August 2011

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6 Day Taste of Tasmania Tour - Hobart to Hobart

Cradle Mountain

This is a really enjoyable small tour with maximum of 21 people in the group. Day one saw an early start from Hobart, exploring Mount Field National Park, which includes Russell Falls and the Tall Trees walk plus later we took a walk along Lake St Clair which is Australia’s ...

Posted By mick on 1st August 2011

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The Base Walk around Uluru


Uluru also known as Ayers Rock is a fantastic highlight of the Northern Territory and Australia. The only way to truly experience Uluru is to visit it. Most if not all tours to Uluru will allow you to walk around the base and experience its significance first-hand. Uluru is ...

Posted By chantelle on 1st August 2011

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Wineries and Breweries in the Swan Valley

If you are planning on visiting Perth a must do in the area is a winery or brewery tour. The most well-known wine producing regions are the Swan Valley and the Margaret River. I visited the Swan Valley which is only 30 minutes from Perth and is famous for its wine and attracts ...

Posted By chantelle on 1st August 2011

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Mount Buller

If you want a true winter experience you need to visit Mount Buller. It is a great day trip from Melbourne or spend a week or two there to really make the most of the stunning ski resort. Mount Buller is the most available alpine resort in Australia. Its beautiful landscape ...

Posted By chantelle on 1st August 2011

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Port Arthur Ghost Tour

Well, what a day I had on the Port Arthur Ghost Tour. Departing from Hobart at 11am we made our way towards the historic village of Richmond, stopping briefly on the way at Risdon Cove for a photo opportunity. In Richmond, the tour group had a chance to see and photograph Australia's ...

Posted By mick on 1st August 2011

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Whale Watching in Port Stephens

Whale Watching is a fun and unique experience in Port Stephens. On a whale watch cruise you may come across one or more of the following types of whales - Humpback, Melon Headed, Brydes, Southern Right, Pilot, False Killer and the Orca whale. In Port Stephens the most common ...

Posted By chantelle on 29th July 2011

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Exploring Australia's Waters: A Sailing Enthusiast's Guide to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast needs to be seen to be believed, with visitors coming from every corner of the globe . . .

Posted By JenniferA on 16th July 2019

Views : 501 | Comments : 0

4 Atmospheric Accommodation Ideas to Bring You Close to Nature

A study by the University of Queensland found that being out in nature has significant health benefi . . .

Posted By JenniferD on 22nd December 2018

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A Guide to Sailing in Sydney Harbour

Sailing is one of the most exhilarating experiences one can ever have, and providing certain safety . . .

Posted By EastcoastSailing on 3rd October 2017

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