Exploring Australia's Waters: A Sailing Enthusiast's Guide to the Gold Coast

Exploring Australia's Waters: A Sailing Enthusiast's Guide to the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast needs to be seen to be believed, with visitors coming from every corner of the globe to sail the ocean and bask in its beauty. A tourism mecca with white sand and impossibly blue surf, the Gold Coast has aptly named its hottest area in the region - Surfers Paradise. If the golden coast is the next destination on your Australian bucket list, follow this guide to get the most out of your Queensland adventure.

Do your research

The Gold Coast has some of the best beaches Australia has to offer. Beyond the soft sands, is a playground for any traveller to the Gold Coast. Spending some time on the open waters is a must-do on any trip. Before your trip, do your research to find a catamaran for sale on the Gold Coast. There are a lot of great providers that will offer you a deep insight into the type of vessel you need for your time on the water. Any sailing enthusiast looking to hit the water on the Gold Coast will need to find the right vessel to create a trip to remember.

Choose the right spot

No matter what you are looking for, the Gold Coast has a spot for you. Whether you want to cruise around looking for some hidden shopping at the Isle of Capri or prefer a family day out with a barbeque at Tallebudgera Creek, the Gold Coast has the perfect location for you. With most locations offering plenty of boat parking and easy disembarking, finding the right spot is easier than you think. Once you have an idea of the type of activities you want to do, then selecting your destination is as simple as setting sail down the waterway.

Know the rules

Each state and territory in Australia may have different requirements when it comes to licenses, safety and other regulations. In Queensland, it’s important you check the local requirements before setting sail. If you hold a valid boat licence in another state or country, you may need to check with the local maritime authority as to whether it is valid on the Gold Coast. In addition, checking on the safety requirements in terms of first aid and any other equipment required on board is always a good idea. The last thing you want is to spend your trip on land because you didn’t know the rules, so take the time to reach out to learn the local regulations and laws.

Pack the right supplies

Stocking up for your sailing trip is an essential item to tick off the list when visiting the Gold Coast. Depending on the weather and conditions you are used to, it may differ quite a bit. The Gold Coast is a warm and humid location, therefore, packing extra water is an absolute must. If you are planning on island hopping or stopping for a picnic, then be sure to pack the right foods, an esky and even a portable barbeque. For those who plan to anchor and enjoy the calming waters a little longer, perhaps bring along the fishing rods for a quick cast to see if you can’t catch a little dinner at the same time. No matter what kind of trip you have planned, preparing and packing enough supplies is crucial to a successful day on the water.

The Gold Coast is an amazing holiday destination, both on and off the water. For the sailing enthusiast, there is much to see and do. Whether you are looking for an island getaway, picnic spot or even a bit of waterside shopping, there is a spot for you. Using this simple guide will help make your holiday a trip to remember.

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