Take a Dive to Interact with Aquatic Life

Take a Dive to Interact with Aquatic Life

Are you ready to descend into a picturesque world surrounded by schools of colourful, tropical fish? Do you long to be able to breathe underwater, to feel weightless while witnessing the beautiful marine environment?

Why not take a dive to interact with aquatic life in northern Queensland in Australia?

Scuba diving in Cairns offers world class diving, with warm tropical waters all year round between 22° and 28° Celsius. The region has over 1500 species of tropical fish and over 400 types of hard and soft corals. In fact, the Great Barrier Reef is known as the world's largest coral system. The region is internationally renowned for its marine world and scuba diving tops the list of activities for visitors to do in northern Queensland. Cairns dive centres have number of different dive sites you can visit to cater for very beginners through to the more advanced scuba diver.

Great Barrier Reef trips are the perfect way to get up close and personal with aquatic life. The Reef is one of the most famous in the world, attracting divers from the far corners of the earth to enjoy the tropical marine life and colourful corals, with visibility up to 30 metres. December to April can bring some tropical storms but the water temperature is the warmest. The best visibility is from April onwards when there is less rain, but cooler temperatures. Whatever time of year, you will see a vast array of marine life, with the species changing depending on the time of year, with turtles around all year long. Be sure to take your underwater camera to capture your adventure to share with friends and family. If you have mastered your buoyancy, you will be able to get up close to many different forms of marine life without disturbing them.

One of the best Great Barrier Reef tours you can do is the award winning day tour Reef Magic Cruises. With depths as shallow as five metres, there's a dive site available for all abilities and levels. Drift dive depths of up to 25 metres offer exciting experiences for the more advanced diver, with great walls with an abundance of phytoplankton and zooplanktons. You can see an array of aquatic life including parrot fish, surgeon, wrasse and clown fish. On the outer walls, you can observe reef sharks, majestic manta rays and barracuda along with schools of other fish.

Never been diving before? Don't worry, Dive Career Centre has courses available for complete beginners, starting off with pool dives before plunging into the open water. You'll learn the basics of scuba diving along with a number of different specialties to extend your knowledge and confidence. Are you interested in taking your diving to the next level? There are several options should you wish to advance your diving. Why not try the SSI Stress and Rescue course? It will prepare you for any diving emergency and will give you the confidence to know how to handle any situation.

Or maybe you're ready to pass on your skills to the next generation of divers? Life as a dive instructor is a rewarding career path - where you can enjoy a profession being surrounded by beautiful aquatic life every day!

Cairns scuba diving is among the best diving in the world and a visit to the region isn't complete without descending under the surface of the sea to interact with aquatic life. You may contact Dive Career Centre to book your trip and experience the world's largest coral system.

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