Let an Organised Tour do the Planning for you

Let an Organised Tour do the Planning for you

When you are on holiday the last thing you want is to become stressed by having to plan everything. After some holidays you can feel like you need another holiday! I find the best type of holiday is going on a fixed itinerary tour. Everything is already planned for you such as accommodation, activities throughout the trip and meals.

Going on a multiday tour was a great experience, I met a great bunch of people of all age groups, I had a friendly tour guide and driver and the whole trip was so relaxed and fun. I got to see everything I wanted to see, without having to look at a map or worry if I was going in the right direction.

I've been on holiday before when I've planned it myself with car hire. I spent a lot of money and time driving from location to location. With fuel and the car hire costs together with the physical drain it would have been so much easier to simply take a multiday tour that took in the sights I wanted to visit. An organised tour means you can even take a nap if you get tired between stops.

With a planned tour the payment is made when booking, all you have to worry about then is a bit of spending money for snacks, drinks and the possibly some meals depending on the tour. You also get the chance to do things you may have not originally done, for instance on my tour I travelled to Uluru and spent the night in a swag under the stars.

For my next holiday I will definitely go on a fixed itinerary tour, they are available in various locations all over Australia. You get to see all the highlights of the area as well as meeting a whole bunch of new friends.

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