Paradise Country

Paradise Country

Paradise Country is located just off the highway on the Gold Coast. For many years I have been meaning to head over and take a look at what Paradise Country is about. Basically it can be summarised as an Aussie Farm Tour with a bit of a show here and a few laughs there.

On arrival having arranged meal times and decided between a choice of steak, chicken and was on to view the animals in the "Aussie Farmyard" enclosure. Pigs, Calves, Lambs and Chickens all under one roof; certainly these animals are the mainstay of most working farms and always a please when they are so young.

Next we enter via the traditional gift shop stocked with souvenirs, ice cream cold drinks and the sort. Made a mental note of the ice cream for later in the day and moved on to the restaurant where my steak was cooked beautifully and so tender, a welcome surprise and the flavour was excellent, well done chef. The chicken looked nice too but I think the steak was the pick. There is a good selection of salads, potato bake and other accompaniments, and you can get up several times to take advantage of the salad bar bread rolls etc. Tea and Coffee is also included.

Having made the most of the food, headed over to the suggested activity of the Koala area, where I managed to get some nice photos. In the same area Kangaroos roam freely and Emu’s can be seen just behind a wire fence. Nice for families and cameras are essential.

Having made a quick pit stop for an ice cream we moved onto the whip cracking, boomerang throwing and sheepdog roundup. The sheepdog roundup was the highlight for me, this together with the comical shenanigans of the staff. Certainly, the photo opportunities were welcome.

Next we headed over to the Sheep Shearing Show and Ram Parade. There was a diverse range of Rams on display that certainly had some level of training and very photogenic. The sheep shearing show required four "volunteers" from the audience; I made myself scarce as they made their selection. The sheep shearing show took on a comical style hands on approach utilising each member of the "volunteers", certainly nice for the audience to watch, just pleased I wasn’t picked.

Immediately following this the Billy Tea and Stock Horse Show commenced. A short walk and we were in the viewing area. There is an opportunity to sample Billy Tea and Damper before a short Stock Horse Show.

Another quick walk around and it was time to leave. In summary, and afternoon or morning is all you need to enjoy this attraction, it is cheap and if you go with the food option, the meal is great value. If you haven’t been to Paradise Country before it is definitely well worth a visit. It is perfect for families with young children, animal lovers and anyone who is looking for something relaxing to do for 3 or 4 hours.

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Paradise Country
Lamb at Paradise Country
Calf at Paradise Country
Koala at Paradise Country
Emu at Paradise Country
Sheep Shearing at Paradise Country