How to Make Your Cycling Holiday More Memorable This Year

How to Make Your Cycling Holiday More Memorable This Year

Setting off on two wheels is often a liberating experience. It’s a way for us to explore the world much quicker than the pedestrian pace we can manage on our own two feet – but in a more invigorating and enriching way than being behind the wheel of a car. It’s what makes it a great holiday choice – allowing people to soak up the sights while travelling among different destinations and exploring new places.

But if you’re keen to get cycling for your next holiday and want to up the ante and make it as memorable as possible, then what do you need to do?

Beef up your bike

Mountain Biking

You’ll be able to push the boundaries further – covering greater distance and more varied terrain – with a better bike. Bearing in mind where you are going – we’ll come to that in a moment – pick a trusty ride that’ll ensure there’s no limit to your holiday ambitions or, if you plan to hire, make sure you research in advance about what you’ll need along your route. The Bicycle Store offers top tips on what to look out for in a bike.

Involve the whole family… or a group of friends

It’s wrong to think of cycling as a singular pursuit. The best rides – and holidays – are a shared experience. Your holiday will be greatly enhanced if you involve the whole family or maybe a group of friends. Together you’ll spur each other on to explore new areas and have a great laugh.

Pick the right route

Once your bike and your ‘team’ are in place you need to make the most important decision of the lot: your location. This is where you can guarantee you’ll make this a memorable break. Try to picture a stunning backdrop, the sort that’ll be perfect to sum the trip on a PhotoBox canvas later, and pick a route that’ll take in as many of these moments as possible.

These three are among the suggestions from Cycling Tours – which has more details of these are countless other routes across the country:

Byron Bay:

Byron Bay

There’s beaches and beauty in absolute spades at Byron Bay. This is perfect for the more relaxed cyclist – with plenty of potential to stop and soak up the sun’s rays or get surfing in between rides. It’s an ideal all-year-round destination, with a relaxed four-day coastal tour great even for occasional riders.



The island of Tasmania is rich with attractions to explore – from historic convict sites through to world-renowned wine-growing areas – making it a great place to take in a varied cycling break. Launceston to Hobart can be covered in a six-day tour.

Victorian Alps:

Mount Buffalo

If only a high-octane challenge will do to make your cycling holiday a memorable break, then this is the one for you. Snow-clad peaks make for very different terrain to most of the rest of Australia and a decent test for experienced riders. Mount Buffalo and Mount Hotham will be well worth the effort – while historic townships and the Muscat Trail wineries mean there are plenty of other pleasures to be had on this trail

Essentially your perfect cycling holiday boils down to three things: a decent bike, good company and a plan to explore some of the best scenery Australia has to offer. Get those right and the memories will last a lifetime...

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