5 Activities Australian Waters are Famous for

5 Activities Australian Waters are Famous for

Australia is the island continent surrounded by the Pacific and Indian oceans. The continent has 35,877 km (22,293 mi) of coastline with an additional 23,859 km (14, 825 mi) of island coastline.

Since most of our cities are located near the coast, you have plenty of opportunities to enjoy water sports.

Water sports include:

  • Fishing
  • Surfing and water skiing
  • Sailing and boating
  • SCUBA diving
  • Snorkelling and beach life


Pick a port and you will also find fishing charters for most types of game fish. Darwin in the Northern Territory is best known for barramundi fishing. The barramundi is a large freshwater and estuary fish found in the rivers and mangroves of the Kakadu National Park. Barramundi in the 20 pound range are common. Fisheries management has helped hungry barramundi grow to 40 pounds.

Darwin barramundi fishing charters are led by trained guides who know where and when this unique Asian sea bass species is biting. This is a sustainable fish gaining popularity in restaurants throughout the world for its buttery taste and firm texture.

Golden Snapper and Spanish Mackerel can be caught in the offshore reefs outside of Darwin.


Queensland's beaches are legendary for surfers. Surfer's Paradise near Brisbane on the Gold Coast attracts surfers from everywhere in the world. It is considered the jewel of the Gold Coast with activities for everyone, even non-surfers. This is a great place to learn how to surf.

Surfing competition is held all over the country. Coffs Harbour in New South Wales was the site of the 2016 Surf Festival. Junior Surfing titles are scheduled for Phillips Island in Victoria. Other surfing competition takes place in Geraldton in Western Australia.

Surfing meets also include water ski competition at several locations.

Sailing and boating

Audi Hamilton Island Race Week every August is a favourite event for sailors. This annual regatta brings in sailboats and their crews from every part of the country and the world. These races include international competition.

Hamilton Island is located in Queensland on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. It is part of the Whitsunday group of 74 islands offering great sailing, fishing and diving.

The ultimate sailing regatta is the Sydney to Hobart yacht race held every year in December for the past 71 years. This antipodean summer race is sponsored by Rolex and the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia. Sailboats range in size from 30 to 100 feet.

Diving and snorkelling

The Great Barrier Reef offers some of the best diving in the world since it is the longest reef on the planet. The 2,300 km reef extends along the Queensland coast with Cairns as one of the major diving centres.

SCUBA lessons and live aboard diving cruises are popular in this area. The variety of undersea life is unsurpassed anywhere. Dives are available for beginners and more advanced divers who want to venture into deeper waters.

Snorkelling and beach life

Western Australia covers one third of the country. Its long 12,000 km coastline offers beautiful beaches on the Indian Ocean. This is the Coral Coast north of Perth.

The north coast of Western Australia is popular for drift snorkelling in beautiful Turquoise Bay near the Ningaloo Reef. This is part of Exmouth Bay, an area of crystal clear warm water. Some of Western Australia's most pristine beaches are found in this part of the state.

Beach lovers can enjoy Australia anywhere throughout the year. This is a country with a culture devoted to water sports. You can rent kayaks, small boats and jet skis at most resorts to get the most from your vacation.

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