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Cape York Safari

Take part in something adventurous while raising money for a great Charity this upcoming July in 2012. Join the Just4Kids Motortrail for a 15 day Cape York safari from Cardwell to Cooktown. You will enjoy the adventure, the fun, the experience and the fact that you are also helping disadvantaged and sick children! What more could you want from your next holiday?

On the safari you will visit some of the most interesting places in Queensland. A list of some of the points of interest include the Old Telegraph Line creek crossing 4x4 track, Daintree Rainforest, Lions Den Hotel, Lakefield National Park, Frenchmans Track, Chilli Beach, Seisia, Thursday Island, Bramwell Cattle Station and Historic Cooktown.

Travel with a great bunch of people who all have two things in mind, having fun and raising money for charity. This is a great way to truly explore some of those areas of Queensland that might be just a bit too remote to do so on your own. In a group like this you gain expertise and safety in numbers. The safari path has been checked out by a survey team to ensure you have a great time.

This is a fully catered event that works on a Tag a Long style basis with directions provided in the morning and a number of stops along the way to the day's port of call. There is Mechanical Support for those that do run in to difficulties, though you must ensure your vehicle is up to the journey.

The tour commences from Cardwell there are heaps of fun stops, and dirt track driving along the way. Stops to distribute funds to children and their families that need some assistance bring purpose to your adventure.

From day one to day five travel from the coastal town of Cardwell on Queensland's Cassowary Coast to Chilli Beach and the Iron Range. Travel through Queensland's largest banana plantations on the way to Cairns, and then follow in the footsteps of Edmund Kennedy all the way to The Tip.

Travel through the stunning Daintree Rainforest where you will see a diverse range of flora and fauna, then stop for a short break at the Lion's Den Hotel before heading into Endeavour Falls for a corroboree celebration with a local dance troupe. Then Camp at Kalpowar Crossing in Lakefield National Park before heading to the Exchange Hotel Coen for a few drinks and meal with the local community.

Other activities you can enjoy are conquering the Old Telegraph Line with many challenging creeks, enjoying a history lesson at Moreton Telegraph Station, camping alongside the majestic Jardine River and experiencing Iron Range and Chilli Beach.

Other highlights for the following days include: fishing in the waters off the Tip of Cape York, driving on the beaches of Somerset, entertainment at Kap Maui in Seisia, a boat trip to Thursday Island, experiencing Punsand Bay and listening to live music at Bramwell Station, Cape York's largest working cattle property. Your 15 day safari then comes to a close in historic Cooktown.

This is a unique experience and great way to raise money for a great cause. I have met many great friends and have many great memories from participating in the Just4Kids Motortrail over the last few years. Don't miss out on your chance to be part of the 2012 Just4Kids Motortrail.

Itinerary Overview

Meet and Greet: Cardwell

Meet at the Cardwell Coast Guard with our hosts Nev and Kathy Goggi. Accommodation has been arranged at the Beachcomber Motel Tourist Park, overlooking the ocean, next day is when we commence.

Day 1. Cardwell to Cairns
Day 2. Cairns to Endeavour Falls
Day 3. Endeavour Falls to Lakefield National Park
Day 4. Lakefield National Park to Coen
Day 5. Coen to Chilli Beach
Day 6. Chilli Beach to Weipa
Day 7. Weipa to Moreton Telegraph Station
Day 8. Moreton Telegraph Station to Jardine River via the OTL
Day 9. Jardine River to Seisia
Day 10. Seisia to Thursday Island to Seisia
Day 11. Seisia to Punsand Bay
Day 12. Punsand Bay to Bramwell Station
Day 13. Bramwell Station to Musgrave Roadhouse
Day 14. Musgrave to Cooktown
Day 15. Cooktown Lay Day
Day 16. It's all over

For the full itinerary visit:

Posted By mick on 3rd August 2011

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Cape York Safari
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Cape York
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Cape York Motortrail
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Here is a wonderful example of the great work that the Just4Kids Motortrail does for charity:

Read More

Posted By mick on Thursday 4th July 2013 @ 12:29:04


I have taken part in two of the Just4Kids Motortrails and loved them. It is a fantastic way to see the country, enjoy some off road adventure and at the same time help kids and families who need support. Love it!

Posted By Claire on Thursday 11th August 2011 @ 13:07:24


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