New Blog on Australian Explorer!


As you can see we have integrated a blog system onto the Australian Explorer website. Our blog will supply our customers with daily posts about a range of experiences in Australia, destinations and explorer news. You will also have the option to leave feedback on the blogs.

In the "Experience" Section you will get a travel expert's insight into a range of activities, attractions or tours located around Australia that we have actually participated in. There will also be links to experiences we feature on Australian Explorer so you can view more information or book online. We will also supply helpful information and facts about the experiences.

The "Destinations" blog will provide you with informative information from a real "Explorer" about a range of locations around Australia that one of our team has visited. Gain firsthand knowledge about top travelling spots and the less well known regional location around Australia from people that have actually been there.

Our "Explorer News" blog will supply you with what's happening at Australian Explorer. You will be informed of new experience packages, new or updated features to the Australian Explorer website and specials, competitions and other features that we offer.

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Updated : 4th January 2012 | Words : 196 | Views : 8856

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