More Happy Feet Arrive at Sea World!

More Happy Feet Arrive at Sea World!

Sea World is experiencing its best year ever for its Gentoo Penguin breeding program with four new chicks for its Penguin Encounter exhibit and another nine still incubating.

Sea World Senior Penguin Keeper Katrina Krygger said the 2013 breeding season is a step up on the 2012 season which was also successful with four chicks welcomed to Sea World in what was then the most successful breeding season.

“One of the most exciting aspects for us this season is that Percy, our first ever Gentoo Penguin Chick two years ago, has this year become a first time parent with the help of Geuce. They are very proud parents.”

This season 14 eggs have been laid and while one chick didn’t make it there are high hopes for the remaining four and for the nine eggs still being incubated by their parents.

“All the penguins have their own personality and it’s great to watch them grow and develop. Alfie and Jack are parents of a chick while Widget and Ember, proud parents last year, have had two more this year so the brood is growing.”

“Seeing these healthy penguin chicks being born is so wonderful. It is very enriching for them and is a great indicator of their health and well being. The gorgeous little chicks range from newly hatched to seven days old and are growing at a rapid pace.

“This year’s breeding season is similar to last year’s in that the Gentoo Penguin nesting group has chosen its nesting sites within easy viewing of the windows so visitors to Sea World can get a close encounter with the new chicks.

“We are very excited that our visitors will get to watch them grow. The older of the chicks have doubled in weight from 100 grams to 200 grams since hatching after an average 38 day incubation period,” she said.

“It’s satisfying watching Percy and Geuce as first time parents caring for their chick and taking turns incubating them and regurgitating nutrient fish for them around the clock.”

The gender of the chicks will not been known for several months until DNA tests are conducted. The Gentoo chicks will grow to between five and seven kilograms and will reach maturity with-in three years.

Sea World’s $12M Penguin Encounter exhibit is an amazing frozen world which is already home to 14 of the world’s second largest penguin species, the King penguin as well as 28 adult Gentoo penguins.

King and Gentoo Penguins are important ambassadors for climate change and Sea World guests can learn about the effects of climate change in the Antarctic region in the Penguin Encounter educational exhibition.

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