Caravan Sales increase as Families Choose Healthy Outdoor Holidays

Adria Gold Coast Sales Facility

R.V. Asia Pacific, sole importers of world-leading Adria Caravans from Europe, have enjoyed a modest increase of 12% in sales throughout the Australian market over the past 12 months.

General Manager, Chris Swann, said there has been a marked trend of caravan buyers wishing to utilise their existing family sedan or SUV, and as Adria caravans are lightweight in construction, they meet this requirement easily, deleting the need to change to a heavier towing vehicle.

Chris Swann added there has been a noticeable shift away from using the heavier 4 Wheel Drives to the much more popular soft SUVs, and Adria caravans, initially developed for the European market, are both lightweight in construction and very economical to tow. Less weight translates into substantial fuel savings. People today don’t want to have to change their family vehicle just to be able to tow a caravan, and with the trend towards healthy outdoor holidays, this is good news for families.

Asked to comment on how the year ahead is looking for the caravan industry, Chris Swann said indications are that more people are opting for a healthier outdoor lifestyle when it comes to taking a family holiday, and caravaning is an ideal way to achieve this. We expect a further increase in demand for Adria caravans and look forward to increased sales as a direct result.

Posted By mick on 10th January 2012

Updated : 30th January 2012 | Words : 227 | Views : 12015

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