My very first blog, and planning the big adventure!

Planning a Journey

2012-04-09   The Travelling Tatlows (Russ, Julie, Josh 7 and Dusty, nearly 2) are setting off for our big adventure at the end of July in our trusty Hyundai i30 Wagon and a camper trailer (not yet purchased).

I plan to blog about out trip, starting right now with the planning, and following through with tales of our actual trip. We hope you will come along on our adventure with us and enjoy the trip as much as we do.

It will be a working holiday for us and we are planning on Alice Springs being our first working destination. Looking forward to the journey there though, and seeing the excitement on Josh's face when we see the dinosaur footprints at Winton, among other things!

We haven't really decided on a route, will just follow work (paediatric and child health nurse) or festivals or seasons as we go, and we have no time limit.   Planning wise I have made lots of lists (cos that's what I do!).

We went to the 4WD and Outdoor Show and had a look around.  We particularly liked the Thermos slow cooker thingys that cook your food whilst you are still driving!  Will definitely be getting one of those!   We are looking at getting an on-road camper trailer from Emu Campers at this stage, so if anyone has anything to say about them, say it now or forever hold your peace. They look nice and roomy and it has a couple of rooms so we can each have our own space, which we will probably want at differing times.

I also like the idea of just being able to set up the main bedroom in ~10 mins if it is raining rather than struggling to put up a tent!

If you have any tips you would like to share, we are all ears.   Hope to see you on road,   Julie

Posted By jujuandtheboys on 9th April 2012

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Hi Julie,
we too have an i30 and are wanting to purchase a camper trailer. We are wondering how successful the towing capacity of the wagon has been with your emu camper trailer. Also whats the emu camper like?
Safe travels


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Posted By i30 on Thursday 1st November 2012 @ 22:10:30


We are in a frenzy of selling anything not essential or nailed down!  Ebay and online garage sales are my new best friend, and it is a challenge for me not to buy (unless it is on the list) only sell.  We are also planning on having a garage sale in a couple of weeks time.  I actually went through my wardrobe yesterday and culled anything I don't love or that doesn't fit me ready for the garage sale.
Our camper trailer should be finished and ready for pick up this coming week, and I have actually booked our very first caravan park on the Gold Coast, for the week before we leave.  This will give us a chance to test out the camper and see how well we did with packing, or more to the point identify anything we may not have packed and decide we need!
I have been so focussed on preparing for this big trip that I overlooked some of the planning for our overseas trip at the beginning of July.  We are heading to KL and Phuket for a couple of weeks.  This was planned and paid for a while ago so I had put it to the back of my mind, then realised last week in a panic that we still didn't have passports!!  This is not as simple as it was last time I organized one.  It now involves an interview at the post office at a pre-organized time.  This was very stressful and slightly scary as the person 'helping' us had no personality or service skills at all.  In any other case I would have said something or reported them but when your application is in their hands you don't feel you can!  Anyway, our passports are ready and should be delivered this week so I can tick them off the list and get back to prep for the big trip.
Buying wise, we have purchased a new camp stove and an amazing camp oven which folds down flat when not in use.  We have also bought a fridge/ freezer combo from ebay which is about half the price of an Engel or other branded one.  We saw a review of this fridge/ freezer on a 4wd site which was good so we thought we would try it out.  Plugged it in yesterday and it cools down beautifully - it will be no problems as a freezer, but had trouble getting the fridge part warmed up to more than -2 degrees.  I will give it another go today and email the supplier to see if he has any tips.  Hoping it will be ok as we really don't want to have to spend the extra money buying a new one, but of course will if we have to as a fridge is a necessity.  Will let you know what happens, and how helpful the supplier is.
The other thing that is weighing on our mind at the moment is storage for what we aren't taking.  It is sooo expensive!  We are asking around if friends or family have any space, an old shed or space in their garage that we could use.  It is a lot to ask when we don't know how long we are going for, I guess, but hoping someone has something we can use.  If you have any tips for cheap storage please let us know.
Until next time, safe travelling - It won't be long til we are out there now....
Only 7 weeks to go!


Posted By jujuandtheboys on Sunday 20th May 2012 @ 10:40:33


Well a lot has happened over the past month.  We have been looking at secondhand camper trailers, new camper trailers, researching caravans etc.  Our car, Hyundai i30 wagon has a low towing limit so we realised pretty quickly that we wouldn't be able to buy a second hand camper, or most caravans.  The caravans we could tow were very small, and as we are planning on travelling for quite a while we wanted as much space as possible.  We finally had the tow bar fitted to the car, realized we had miscalculated the towing capacity (was less than we had first thought) so had to go back to the drawing board.
We have finally settled on an on-road camper trailer from Emu Campers at Biggera Waters on the Gold Coast.  I am in love!  I has the annexe which can be fully enclosed and another room out the back, as well as a king sized bed!!  I will be paying the deposit on Thursday and in 3 short weeks we will be bringing it home and trying to fit everything in - the next challenge!
We bought Josh a camp bed last week - adult size deluxe - and we can't get him to sleep in his real bed now so might as well pack it up. 
So much to do, so much stuff to sell and pack, so much stuff still to buy and organize!  It will be a relief just to be on the road I think, ready or not!
13 weeks to go!


Posted By jujuandtheboys on Tuesday 1st May 2012 @ 21:30:38


Hi Julie, 


Just wondering how things are progressing. Sounds like a great adventure is awaiting !!

Posted By mick on Tuesday 17th April 2012 @ 15:41:44


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