The 4 Best E-Bike Tours to Experience in Australia

For many Aussies, imagining a bike tour only brings foreign images to mind — Cuban beaches, French vineyards, and Tuscan hills. However, Australia isn’t too far behind when it comes to trails and roads with views just as enticing.  

Here are four of the best E-Bike tours in Australia! 

1. Rottnest Island ECO E-Bike Tour

Pedal along the white sand beaches and coves as you explore the protected natural reserve on an electric bike. Stay on the lookout for a quokka, a cute little marsupial animal native to the Rottnest Island! 

If Australia’s warm weather is being a bit too cruel, feel free to stop for a quick dip in the shallow, clear water at the Basin. While you’re there, refuel your energy levels with a picnic lunch break halfway through the tour. 

It’s great to have a guide lead you through the tour as there’s a lot you can learn about Rottnest Island’s history! 

2. Perth Electric Bike Tours

The Perth e-bike tour offers a fair bit of choice when it comes to the routes you can take. You can select from five different ways and ride up to 40 kilometres to beat this exciting electric-bike tour. 

It’s best enjoyed with family or a small group, with a professional guide to lead you through it. 

You’ll be setting off to spots like the Lake Joondalup, Swan Coastal Plain, Monument Hill, and North Beach. Throughout your journey, you’ll get to see lots of wildlife, vegetation, coastal views, landmarks, and more.

As you ride at a steady pace, feel free to ask your guide any question that pops into your head about each area you cross by! 

3. Guided E-Bike Tour - Lush Hinterland & Secret Beaches

Fair warning, this one has dirt roads, so make sure you get the most reliable Pedl E-bikes & E-scooters Sydney because it’s gonna get bumpy! 

This tour of the Byron Shire Hinterland is perfect for families, as it makes adventuring simpler for people with all levels of fitness. 

You’ll explore natural reserves, country lanes, secret beaches, and of course, dirt roads! You’ll also cross by many local cafes along the way, so a snack break is always one stop away.

4. The Great Ocean Road

The tour’s brilliant in a car, and even better on an E-bike. It’s the country’s most famous scenic road filled with refreshing winds as you breeze through the tour. Some parts may challenge your fitness levels though, especially the Otway Range climb, but it’s not that bad. 

You get to cycle through all sorts of trademark scenes—from ocean stacks and rainforest to cliffs and beaches! The best part; they all roll by at a cosy pace, something that’s missed in a car tour. 

Starting in Torquay, you’ll be riding towards the west so the only thing separating you from the gorgeous coast is a guard rail! 

In total, it’s going to be a 250-kilometre E-Bike ride from Torquay to Warrnambool, so you should take at least five days to take it all in and fully enjoy the route. 

Posted By Jay123 on 30th June 2021

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