Exploring Wild Australia From The Comfort Of Your Car

Exploring Wild Australia From The Comfort Of Your Car

One of the biggest pull factors Australia has is its huge amount of wilderness areas. From Uluru and The Outback to the island of Tasmania, Australia hosts some of the biggest areas of wilderness on the planet, according to the Wilderness Society. For those wanting to experience Australia’s wilderness for themselves, one fantastic way to do so is via a road trip. However, as you'll be out and about in some of the most remote areas of the world, it’s first important to plan ahead and ensure you have everything you need for the adventure that awaits. 

Preparing for your road trip

The Outback is known for its unique conditions, and its terrain can at times be unpredictable and challenging. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right vehicle to see you through your wild adventure; the Australian Geographic recommends using a 4WD. Another thing to be considerate of is the maintenance of your vehicle. It’s important that every aspect of your vehicle is suited to the rough terrain, but perhaps most crucial are your tyres, which will do most of the hard work on the road. It’s worth getting a tire check-up or change before heading out on your trip; you can expect to pay between $100-$250 for a tyre, with premium brands charging up to $500. Your tyres should ultimately last you for the duration of your adventure and beyond. As with any trip it’s also important to pack your essentials including a map, a first aid kit, a flashlight, full basic maintenance tools for your vehicle, food and water. Make sure you take care of your car insurance policy before you go, in case you run into any complications on the road.

Things to do in the Outback 

Road tripping gives you completely open access to wild areas, and few areas are as wild as the Outback. The Western Outback in particular is easily accessed from Perth and its surroundings, but you are quickly out into the absolute peace of nature. While there, Visit Western Australia recommends the huge amounts of wildlife exploration you can undertake, spotting crocodiles, kangaroos and rare birds.Elsewhere, Alice Springs Desert Park offers unique wildlife experiences, and Kakadu National Park is a launching spot for deep outback helicopter tours - offering you a break from the road.

Things to do in Tasmania

Keeping on the rural track, but requiring a short boat ride, is the island of Tasmania. Whilst the island is isolated, it’s not without attractions. According to Lonely Planet, Tasmania is riding a tourism-fuelled economic boom thanks to its festivals and unique food and drink scene. This makes for a great rest stop before driving into the interior of the island. The interior is a fascinating place to explore, from Cradle Mountain at Lake St. Clair National Park to the stunning water life of the Franklin-Gordons Wild Rivers National Park.

Wherever you choose as your base in Australia, with the right preparation there really is nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t experience when it comes to Australia’s natural wilderness. Both the Outback and Tasmania have a huge range of natural wonders that are begging to be explored. The best way to reach that is from behind the wheel.

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