Top Choices for a UK Staycation

Top Choices for a UK Staycation

Each year, millions of people around the world flock to the United Kingdom to take advantage of the beautiful sights and sounds to be found in the UK, whether it be the pristine lakes of Lake District, Cumbria, or the magnificence of the Scottish Isles. 

Naturally, someone looking to relax and unwind after months of work would also appreciate a chance to see what the scenic parts of the UK have to offer. If you’re interested in seeing what the hullabaloo is about, or just want to spend some time away from home without having to fork over an arm and a leg, considering a staycation in the UK is just for you. 

However, before we get to our definitive list of the best staycation ideas, let’s talk about the types of staycation available.

Types of Staycations Available in the United Kingdom

  • City Staycations: If you’re already living in a major UK city, a city staycation might be your best bet. It offers you a chance to bask in the best of that city’s culture without spending excessively on traveling costs. Popular choices include historical landmarks, museums, and 5-star restaurants. 
  • Outdoor Staycations: If you’re more for being one with nature, we recommend an outdoor staycation at one of the UK’s many campgrounds and forest cabins. You can also hop on over to the Scottish Highlands or Cornwall’s famous beaches.
  • Rest and Relaxation Staycation: If all you want to do is rest and relax, we recommend you visit one of the UK’s many spas.
  • Family Staycation: If it’s an affair the whole family can get in on, you could consider a staycation at a holiday park. With that said, here’s our definitive list of staycation locations

The Best Staycation Locations in the UK

  • Cornwall: No list of staycation locations is complete without mentioning Cornwall’s coastline. With its sprawling view of the sea and the many villages which dot the area, it is a must-see.
  • Bath: True to its name, Bath boasts baths that go back to the Roman occupation of Great Britain. If you love Roman culture and architecture, Bath is the place for you
  • Legoland, Windsor: If you’re considering a family staycation, then Legoland should be your first port of call. This location offers rollercoaster rides and other kid-friendly attractions
  • Greater Yarmouth: This bustling resort town offers pristine seaside attractions like the Sea Life Centre and Pleasure Beach. Here, the fun just does not stop.
  • Isle of Skye: Scotland’s Isle of Skye offers you the opportunity to explore ancient castles and appreciate the sprawling landscape of the Scottish Isles. If you can take a staycation here, you definitely should. 

Of course, you’ll need a place to stay if you’re going to any of these places; we have you covered on that front too.

Quality Hotels for the Perfect Staycation Experience

  • Balmacara Hotel: If you’re thinking of going to the Isle of Sky, we recommend that you use Balmacara Hotel.
  • Savoy Park Hotel: If Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, is more to your taste, we recommend Savoy Park Hotel, Ayr.
  • Hotel Indigo: If Glasgow is more to your tastes, head over to Hotel Indigo; you won’t regret it.

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