How to Take a Good Travel Photo

How to Take a Good Travel Photo

Want to take some exciting and unique photos while travelling? Whether it’s in Australia or overseas photos create everlasting memories that you and your friends and family can cherish. (Or laugh at it ten years time).

While travelling you see a lot of people walking round with SLR cameras and all those extra lenses, while they take great crisp shots you can take some great shots on a small camera, go-pro, phone or even on a disposable camera (if you like the element of surprise when you get your photos developed).

It is important to get to know your camera and all the functions that are available. Someone who understands how to use their $200 camera exactly will probably get better images than someone who doesn’t know how to use their $1,000 SLR.

I know while travelling I have held off from taking lots of photos as sometimes it’s embarrassing to feel and look like a tourist, but hey you are so shoot away! Take as many shots as you can to remember this time, you might regret it later if you don’t! Have lots of options, create extra space on your phone or have extra memory cards available so you don’t miss out on a unique shot.

When in a new city or town try to include signs in your photos, whether it’s a street sign in the local language, creative shop signs or something that features the date such as a newsstand. When looking back at the photos signs will take you back to that exact location and time of the photo.

Most travellers visit the big cities as well as the small towns, often the big cities are riddled with tourists, while you’re in the local areas try including local people in your photos. Such as people crossing the street or visiting the local markets. The human element always adds interest to your images.

Sometimes people return from travelling and they may as well have just picked up a bunch of postcards. While they are great photos there is nothing unique about them! When visiting a famous landmark such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge, try shooting a different perspective, try taking close ups of the nuts and bolts of it.

Another mistake people make (I’m a repeat offender) is the same family shot in front of every landmark. Try catching unique moments between one another such as laughter, the look on someone’s face when they first see the colosseum or your parents holding hands as they stroll through a new village. When looking back at photos you will remember not just the location but how you felt when you were there.

Now it’s time to put these new photo tips into practice next time you are travelling.

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haha, I agree with you! There are so many times I have felt like that stereotypical tourist with a camera growing out of my face, but it's so worth it! And another thing I have learned is to always take the cheesey shots- even if it means bribing your mates into it- I love looking back at pics where everyone is jumping up or someone is doing a handstand infront of a sunset, and it's amazing how quickly people forget how much they moaned about doing it at the time! There is nothing that says freedom and a good time then looking back at those pics. It always makes me want to pack my back pack and go somewhere to do it all over agian!

Posted By Trace@TravelEggs on Wednesday 13th August 2014 @ 15:31:22