Get Road Trip Ready: How To Explore Australia Safely By Car

Get Road Trip Ready: How To Explore Australia Safely By Car

Victoria’s Great Ocean Road, an iconic scenic drive, has been voted Australia’s best road trip, with the epic highway between Broome to Kununurra in Western Australia hot on its heels in second place. Exploring Australia by car is truly an adventure of a lifetime, and a great way to see the country’s natural beauty up close. However, the remoteness and long hours behind the wheel can make driving in Australia challenging. Fortunately, getting your car ready, planning your route well, and being bushfire aware are smart ways to prepare for your trip and make it as safe and stress-free as possible. 

Get your car ready

Preparing your car for your road trip will prevent breakdowns and keep you safe on the road. So, get your car professionally serviced beforehand. A professional mechanic will check things like the health of your car’s battery, headlights, brakes, tires, and air conditioning, so you can kick things off with peace of mind.  

If you’re renting a car, on the other hand, it should already be in road-worthy condition. Renting a car is fairly affordable in Australia, with round-trip rentals usually cheaper than one-way rentals ($55.00 per day on average, vs. roughly $66.00 per day). You may also want to consider upgrading to a pickup truck for your road trip. Pickup trucks are spacious, which means there’s plenty of room to fit all your belongings. They’re also able to traverse pretty much all types of terrain, so you’ll be able to confidently handle whatever your road trip throws at you.

Plan your route

Planning your route in advance means you’ll know where you’re going, which in turn makes driving a less stressful and more enjoyable experience. So plan your route as best as you can, which should include at least the major roads and towns you’ll be driving through and visiting along the way. It’s also important to schedule regular breaks, so you don’t get drowsy behind the wheel. Ideally, you should take around a 15-minute break for every two hours of driving. Re-fuelling is another important consideration when route planning. You can download the Fuel Find Australia app, which is a crowd-sourced country-wide database of petrol stations and fuel prices. You’ll therefore find it easier to fill up at the most convenient and cheapest stations. 

Plan your journey

Be bushfire aware

If you’re road-tripping during bushfire season (June to November), check the fire danger rating for your route everyday. If there’s a high rating, you’ll need to be prepared to change your plans. You should also always keep a bushfire emergency kit in your car in case of an emergency. Your kit should include first-aid supplies (including burn gel), water, woollen blankets, rigger gloves, a complete change of protective clothing, sturdy shoes, and a portable AM/FM radio with spare batteries.

Exploring Australia by car is a great way to see the country’s natural beauty up close and personal. By getting your car ready, planning your route, and being bushfire aware, you can take most of the stress out of driving and better focus on enjoying your trip.

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