5 Tips for Booking Better Train Travel Online

5 Tips for Booking Better Train Travel Online

Sometimes, booking your ticket at the station ten minutes before your train leaves seems like the easiest option — even if it does raise your blood pressure and cost you more money. But what if we were to tell you that booking online can actually mean less hassle, less stress, and less money? Here are five top tips to help you book your journeys smarter:
1. Book your tickets in advance
The earlier you book your train, the more you can save. Most services will let you buy tickets up to three months in advance, and can offer savings of up to 40%. And you can choose where you sit, too, which means no more standing in-between carriages waiting for a free space.
Some services will email you closer to the date, reminding you that you’ve booked a journey, but it’s best to take note of this yourself. The longer it is between booking and travelling, the more likely you are to forget times and dates, so stick a reminder on your smartphone or a colourful notice in your diary.
2. Compare journeys
Planning a holiday? You can save a substantial amount of money just by shifting the break forward by a few days. If your dates are flexible, it’s always worth comparing times and prices. You can save travel time this way, too — some journeys will stop at every station, whereas others will skip the smaller ones.
Comparing journeys can also mean the difference between lugging several suitcases from platform to platform and waiting in the cold for a connecting train. Many services offer journeys with changes and journeys without, so it’s worth investigating before you book.
3. Take note of company details
What if you need to take an earlier train? What if you have to cancel your trip? These things shouldn’t put you off booking online, but you do need to think about what you’d do if they occurred. Make sure the company you book with has good customer service and a phone number you can call if anything goes wrong. If you’re worried, call them up in advance and talk this through with them.
4. Bring your booking details with you
Nowadays, most people have a smartphone, and pulling up a confirmation email is a lot less hassle than printing out two pages of booking details. Make sure your booking confirmation is already loaded on your phone, as a lot of stations have poor mobile service. If all else fails, just jot down your booking code somewhere and keep it safe — you’ll need it to retrieve your tickets from the machine.
5. Don’t forget your payment card
If you paid for your journey using a card that you don’t normally use — an emergency credit card, for example — don’t forget to bring it with you. You’ll need the card you paid with to collect your tickets, and if you haven’t got it, there’s not much you can do. Again, this is just a matter of being organised. It’s worth it, when you think about all the money you’ll save.

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