How To Choose The Right Airport Transfers For You

How To Choose The Right Airport Transfers For You

The last thing you’d want to think about after an exhausting flight is the dependability of the airport transfer you called. For this same reason, you’d want to seriously think about your options and what companies can provide you with efficiency, comfort and reliability. Thankfully, you can compare multiple airport transfer companies with with just a few clicks.

Types of Airport Transfers

There are different airport transfer options that can suit the various needs of travellers. You can choose from the following:

  • Private Transfers: If you want to be picked up and driven straight to your destination, you should choose a private transfer. This option is best for those travelling in a group, with family or kids, or on business. It can also be a viable option for the traveller with many extra or oversized luggage, and need a larger space to fit your belongings.
  • Luxury Vehicles: If you’re travelling for a special occasion, or you simply want to arrive in style, you might want to check out luxury vehicle airport transfers. This is also your best bet if you’re booking for a business partner or executive, or travelling for your honeymoon.
  • Shared Shuttles: This option is great for travellers on a budget since it’s usually cheaper than other services. Shared shuttles usually pick up several passengers along the way, so expect to have numerous stops before arriving at your destination.

Choosing the Right Airport Transfer Service

Because there are many options to choose from, you’d want to ensure that you study these choices carefully to end up with the perfect airport transfer for you and your needs.

  • First, some planning. To help the airport shuttle be on time to pick you up, ensure that you book its service well in advance. Determine the time it would take for you to travel from your hotel to the airport or vice versa, then add one hour to that time to account for traffic or if in case the shuttle arrives late. You’d also want to consider whether you’ll be going on a holiday, during busy hours or if you’re passing through a place with heavy traffic. If so, you’d want to add more time in setting your pickup time.
  • Make your list and choose. Choose several services using a comparison tool. You’d want to narrow down the list by doing the following items below.
  • Check their experience and ratings. You don’t want to simply take a company’s website says about their services. You’d want to know what their clients say about them. The more you read reviews, the better you’ll know the company, increasing your chances of finding the best one for you.
  • Check their availability. No matter how reliable the company, when they’re not available on your required time, it’s useless. For this step, you’d have to call the company to ask about their availability. Calling them will also help you assess their flexibility when it comes to serving their clients.
  • Check your budget. In choosing an airport transfer service, you need to consider the costs. Most people going on vacation would want to stay within their budget. If this sounds like you, check how much it would cost you.

If you choose to take a cab for going to or from the airport, expect your payment to increase with distance and pick-up fee. However, shuttle services usually offer flat rate fees from the airport to the hotel or the other way around.


Ask the shuttle service if their rate exclusively includes you and your companions or if they’ll pick up other clients along the way.

If there are multiple passengers, the charge will usually be per passenger. If you’re travelling with a group, try booking a transfer service for your group alone to avail of a flat rate.

  • Consider your luggage, too. If you’re bringing along many things, you should ask how much luggage the shuttle service can accommodate. Airport transfers may use different kinds of vehicles, and these can vary from a large SUV or a luxury sedan. It’s best to make sure that the company will send something that can handle all your belongings.

Also ask if they’ll allow pets to come with you if you’re bringing one along.

Once you’ve decided on a company, you’re ready to wrap things up for your trip by making a reservation.

  • Call the transfer service before the scheduled time. Even if you’ve already booked with them, you’d want to call them a few hours before your set time or even a day before your schedule. Check that the driver has your pickup address and request that he come on time.

Final Thoughts

Travelling can be stressful but when you’ve got everything planned to include your airport transfer, you take one less worry off the list. Making your choice involves looking for various options, screening them and narrowing down your list into the best airport transfer service that perfectly suits your needs.

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Nice share! By hiring an airport transfer service, you are in the safe hands of the driver, who knows their way around the city and can safely drive you to your destination. Based on your interest, you can hire either private, luxury or limousine service.

Posted By Eddie on Friday 10th January 2020 @ 19:20:42