The Best Tents For Different Climates


If you’re planning a camping trip away, preparing for the climate you will face is essential for ensuring you stay safe and happy during your holiday. One key thing to bear in mind during your trip preparations is your tent.

Most camping enthusiasts will know that there are four common types of tent: the A-frame, pyramid, hoop or dome tent. Each of them is unique in its design and appearance – and while they do not all have specific purposes, you may find that some tents are more suited to certain climates than others.

Below, we discuss the best tents for the different climates you may experience during a camping trip:

  • Sunny

If you’re camping in the summer, and the weather’s set to be humid and sunny, your best bet is to get yourself a tent with as much mesh on it as possible. Mesh is fantastic for allowing the breeze to filter in while still keeping out insects. Most mesh tents come with some form of waterproof outer layer that you can add if needed. You might also want to look at a reflective sun shade, which you can position over your tent for additional shielding. 

  • Rainy

A basic feature of a tent is its water-repelling abilities, and you would expect all tents to be waterproof at the very least. There are some tents that are more suited for the damp weather, though. Some of the best tents for rain are the ones that are specifically labelled as being able to bear a high volume of water without leaking. If you often travel to the wetter parts of the countryside, and you hate the feeling of a damp sleeping bag, go for a tent that boasts particularly high waterproof ratings. Size or shape doesn’t really matter – it’s the material that’s important, here.

  • High winds

Camping on high ground? Chances are, you’re going to experience a bit of breeze, and for that reason, it’s important you take with you something sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Generally, the best tents for high winds are those that have a lower height, very few doors, and aluminium tent poles. It’s also a good idea to consider a tent with double walls, which will hold up far more successfully in windy conditions. Finally, keep shape in mind: if your tent is square, with lots of right angles, it’ll be battered by the wind far more than a streamlined, curved tent.

  • Low temperatures

Cold weather is an unfortunate reality for campers – sometimes, waiting for a sunny day just isn’t convenient. A winter tent is the safest option for if you’re planning on camping somewhere where low temperatures are a given. The best winter tents will be able to withstand cold winds and even snowfall, and their thermal properties should help you to stay as warm as possible overnight. They should also have good venting to prevent a build-up of frost inside the tent. If you’re expecting rain on your trip, winter tents are fully waterproof. The higher the waterproof rating, the safer you’ll be from leaks.

Posted By HelenB on 13th August 2019

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