Heart and Sole: The Right Hiking Shoes Will Take You To Great Heights

Heart and Sole: The Right Hiking Shoes Will Take You To Great Heights

Hiking is a venture second to none. Navigating rough terrain, and carving your own trails out of a mountain - it’s hard to imagine a better way to explore an area and stay fit. However, as any hiker will tell you, you’re only as good as your gear. If you’re on the fence about whether or not you need hiking shoes, you haven’t yet experienced the hiking high that can only come with the right footwear. Here’s what you’re missing out on.

Reliable on off-track conditions

Each area will have a different landscape and accompanying seasons that determine the shape and conditions of each track. Most hiking shoes have buoyant soles, heel brakes and track grooves that are designed to grip a range of terrains, no matter which corner of the world you find yourself climbing. When there is a raised root or boulder blocking your way, reliable hiking shoes will allow you to face these conditions head on without your toes and ankles paying the price. Hikers move through unchartered territories with total confidence when their hiking shoes are allowing them to meet the challenge that lays before them. Face any terrain with pace and precision, by putting one foot in front of another.

Safety measure

A hike isn’t all sunrises and hidden waterfalls. There are more grisly things to be found beyond that first step, but therein lies the intrigue. By finding the right pair of hiking shoes, you can mitigate potential hiking risks that come with hiking in your average trainers. You want to be prepared for the worse, as opposed to just scraping by with your trainers when conditions were easy. A thick and durable hiking shoe will remove the chance of being pieced by nature or wildlife you encounter on foot, and will allow you to safely navigate narrow openings. Hiking shoes are designed for the unpredictable, and are your best line of defense out there.

Weather permitting

If the rain doesn’t fall on your hike, chances are there will be a pocket of water around the bend waiting for you to cross. Immersing yourself in nature is about taking the good with the bad; rain, hail or shine. A reputable hiking shoe will be able to bear the weather, without hindering the remainder of your hike. Safety aside, the discomfort of wet feet will take away the impact of discovering new sites and enjoying the vast views of offer. Wet feet also pose safety issues of slipping within your shoes, or even getting you sick or incubating a future infection.

Assured longevity

Electing to hike in your trainers will only serve to chew through your collection of unsuitable hiking shoes, as the conditions do not befit what those casual shoes are made for. Rather than ruining all your shoes before you face the need to buy hiking shoes, get them now and start feeling the difference on your next hike. The benefit of investing in a reliable hiking shoe is that they last a long time, and you can wear them for other occasions that draw you outdoors or to remote and rural locations. Many travellers choose hiking shoes as their preferred footwear, allowing them to be spontaneous on their travels, embracing any road ahead.


Exploration, curiosity, and a love of nature is what makes a great hiker. But without adequate hiking shoes, you may be stunting your potential as a hiker and explorer. Set yourself up with a pair of hiking shoes that will see you through some rocky, wet, and altogether breath-taking terrain.

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