How To Dress to Impress When Out at Night in Australia

How To Dress to Impress When Out at Night in Australia

When paying a visit to Australia you might assume that the general fashion style points more towards casual and sporty than it does smart and sophisticated. You won’t be entirely wrong in your assumption as this is certainly true for places such as Surfers Paradise and Byron Bay where tank tops and flip flops still reign supreme both day and night. When you head towards the bigger cities you might find, however, that Australian fashion has received somewhat of a makeover thanks to the talents of renowned Aussie fashion houses such as alice McCALL and BY JOHNNY, inspiring locals to dress their best. While you can’t go wrong with packing a number of casual, comfortable outfits for your Australian trip you will also have to ensure that you have the correct attire for a night on the town.  

Put your best foot forward when going out

If you are planning a night out in Sydney or Melbourne you best be ready to get dressed to the nines. Australia is very proud of its bustling nightlife which includes swanky restaurants, trendy nightclubs, and lavish casinos. When it comes to your typical Australian casinos such as the Crown Melbourne, the Star in NSW, or the Jupiters Hotel And Casinoin Queensland, you will definitely dress to impress. Swap your sportswear and beach clothes for more formal, dazzling attire such as pressed trousers, buttoned shirts, sports jackets, cocktail dresses, fitted pants, and stylish skirts. Even when opting to spend the night exploring the local club scene you will want to make sure you are dressed to kill in order to prevent from sticking out like a sore thumb among a crowd of fashion-forward Australians.

Adhere to basic dress code

While it is hardly ever necessary to don a tuxedo or formal ball gown in Australia, unless for a very prestigious occasion, your jeans and t-shirt may not always make the cut when going to an upmarket establishment. There are a number of clubs and restaurants that impose rather strict dress codes that prohibit the wearing of jeans, collarless shirts, sarongs, and thongs. Male patrons are expected to wear a jacket and tie while women can dress in formal pants and blouses, shift dresses, or suitable skirts amongst other things. If you are uncertain of what is considered suitable attire for a specific establishment it is best to either check on their website or make a quick call and inquire about their policies as this can save you a great deal of embarrassment in the end.

Whether you are visiting or relocating to Australia, you will undoubtedly have to make sure you have equal parts casual and dressy clothes in your suitcase. While you will definitely not have to dress in your best clothes every day there will definitely be occasions where a pair of jeans and a fashionable t-shirt just won’t make the cut.

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