6 Places in Australia to Work Remotely

6 Places in Australia to Work Remotely

Remote workers are in the desirable position of being able to choose where they work. They can snuggle up on the sofa at home when it’s raining, work from their local park when the sun’s shining, or venture into a café when they feel like being social. Remote workers can also explore their own countries while never worrying about being back at the office, confined to an office cubicle.

Such a lifestyle is desirable for many remote workers who prefer the nomadic lifestyle. However, choosing where to travel and work can be a tricky decision to make. If you’re having trouble deciding where to park up with your laptop, you might like to start with some of these stunning spots in Australia.  

Byron Bay, New South Wales

Byron Bay in New South Wales is undoubtedly a haven for remote workers wishing to enjoy a healthy work-life balance. You can park your vehicle at a white sand beach and enjoy views of vibrant blue waters or venture into a local café to enjoy a refreshing smoothie and bite to eat while you work.

However, it’s important to be prepared for work before setting off to this coastal town in southeastern Australia. You might want to learn more about top-quality laptop travel bags and the best data plans for ensuring you can connect with your colleagues. You may also see the value in setting firm work hours so you can maximise your time in this popular holiday destination.

By knowing which times of the day you must work, you can plan your travel activities around your professional obligations. These might include trips to the iconic Cape Byron Lighthouse, surfing, swimming, and scuba diving. There’s much for the adventurer to do year-round in Byron Bay, New South Wales.

Sydney, New South Wales

If you don’t always need nature to recharge your batteries, lay temporary roots in Sydney, New South Wales. Here, you can immerse yourself in city life, with many unique attractions to enjoy. Sydney is home to the harbourfront Sydney Opera House, the arched Harbour Bridge, and the Royal Botanic Garden.

When you’re not busy working from your hotel room, Sydney beaches, or local parks, you can be meandering the city streets, taking in the sights. You might also like to explore some of Sydney’s many standout natural attractions, like surfing and swimming at Narrabeen Beach or hiking from Berowra to Cowan via Berowra Waters.

Adelaide Hills, South Australia

If warm temperatures and white sandy beaches aren’t your idea of fun, pack your laptop and set off to the Adelaide Hills region, east of Adelaide in South Australia. Nestled in the southern Mount Lofty Ranges, Adelaide Hills is a serene town for travellers wishing to slow down and smell the roses.

Its location between a bustling city and the peaceful countryside makes it ideal for anyone wanting to be close to city conveniences without all the hustle and bustle. You can relax in a quaint café with a glass of wine in what is known as the oldest wine region. Alternatively, you can embark on a nature adventure into the Cleland National Park. Upon entering the Cleland Wildlife Park within the national park, you can see many kangaroos, wallabies, emus, and even dingos.

Accommodation options are limited in Adelaide Hills, with mostly guesthouses. However, nomadic travellers in self-contained vehicles will find no shortage of parking spaces in rest areas, picnic areas, and parklands.

Margaret River, Western Australia

Western Australian travellers needing to park up and perform their professional duties may like to pay a visit to Margaret River, about 277 kilometres from Perth. Here, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds – coastal beauty with world-famous surf sports and a serene rural location known for its wine production.

Margeret River is a mere nine kilometres from the Indian Ocean and boasts a warm-summer Mediterranean climate. Summer visitors can enjoy warm, sunny days with refreshing sea breezes. Avoid visiting Margaret River between May and August if you don’t fancy being stuck inside due to rain. The most rain falls during this period.

Hobart, Tasmania

When you work a fast-paced job on the road, exploring equally chaotic cities may not be your idea of fun. In that case, set your sights on a city known for its slower pace. Hobart, Tasmania, can be a standout city for travellers wanting to have all life’s necessities and the opportunity to escape to nature at a moment’s notice.

Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania, located on the River Derwent. The mild temperate climate can ensure your comfort while you work, but there are still plenty of sunny days to get out and enjoy the many activities and attractions in the city.

Visit in January, and you can attend the ever-popular MONA FOMA music and arts festival. There are also mid-winter festivals if you choose to brave the cold. When you’re not hard at work in a local café, you can also be visiting the Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery, and Mount Wellington.

Cairns, Queensland

Cairns is situated on the tropical northeast coast of Far North Queensland. While its tropical climate and easy access to the Great Barrier Reef make it a desirable holiday destination, it can also be an excellent place to lay down temporary roots while you work remotely.

You’re bound to achieve that desirable work-life balance when you choose to work in Cairns. When you’re not tucked away in the corner of a beach café catching up on emails, you can be out and about enjoying the many coastal activities.

Cairns is renowned for its snorkelling tours, day cruises, and diving opportunities around the Great Barrier Reef. If work commitments keep you busy during the day, you can stroll the Esplanade at night along the picturesque stretch of the foreshore. Cairns even offers plenty of shopping opportunities, with multiple shopping centres offering a range of goods.

Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to stay at home in a dedicated office space. You can gather your laptop and work supplies and enjoy everything Australia has to offer. Prioritise work-life balance and add any of these stunning towns and cities to your must-visit list.

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