6 Must-Visit Coastal Camping Sites

6 Must-Visit Coastal Camping Sites

With Australians all over the nation being urged to book a holiday at home in order to support local tourism industries, more and more people are now exploring the wonderful home that we call Australia. Australia is a land rich in stunning coastal towns that are just waiting to be discovered and today we’ll introduce you to 6 must-visit coastal camping sites that you can enjoy with friends, family and loved ones, so grab your camping tents and read on to find out more!

Johanna Beach

Johanna Beach is possibly one of Victoria’s most popular coasting camping sites and is often a beach frequented by hikers who are doing the Great Ocean Walk. Johanna Beach camping ground offers visitors over 25 sites and is located a stone's throw away from sights such as Apollo's Bay, Melba Gully, the Twelve Apostles and Triplet Falls. If you’re seeking a weekend that is free from the hustle and bustle of the city, Johanna Beach is the perfect camping getaway to enjoy with friends and family. Spend your days strolling, surfing and relaxing on the sand while whale watching and who knows, you may even spot a koala or two! Do note that there are no showers or flushable toilets and you will have to bring along your own drinking water.

Allison Camping Area - Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island is a true Australian treasure and the world’s only home of the adorable Quokka. This patch of paradise is located in Western Australia and is a tourism hotspot that brings in up to 770,000 people per annum. The great thing about Allison Camping Area is that you also have access to rental bicycles that will allow you to explore the land at your own time and convenience. You will also be spoiled with over 43 sites, bathroom, barbecue, kitchen and even laundry facilities. There are also many restaurants and cafes situated in Rottnest, so food will never be a problem! 

Ocean Beach Campground

Situated 90 kilometres South of Adelaide, camping at Ocean Beach Campground is a once in a lifetime experience. If you are familiar with Australian history, you'll know that a series of ancient sand dunes formed at this very location over 120,000 years ago, giving you the opportunity to camp behind and immerse yourself in a piece of true Australian history. Ocean Beach is also the perfect holiday spot for anyone who enjoys fishing, boating and exploring ruins. You’ll find 63 camping sites, portable toilets and screened cold showers at Ocean Beach, but do make sure that you stock up on food and drink prior to your camping trip. 

Crayfish Beach

If you’d rather stay away from big crowds and camp in a more secluded and peaceful area, Crayfish Beach may be the ideal location for you. Located on Hook Island’s eastern shore in the Whitsunday Islands, this is a beach that is truly pocket size and only has enough room for up to 12 individuals. Expect zero mobile coverage at this location, making it the perfect off-grid vacation for anyone who wants to disconnect from the modern world. Do note that facilities are limited to composting toilets and that you should be prepared 

Smith Point Camping Area

Smith Point Camping area in the Northern Territory is one of the best camping spots to witness some of the most gorgeous sunrises and sunsets you’ll find in all of Australia. Home to a plethora of native wildlife, Smith Point is home to amazing coastal views and fishing spots that are unlike any other. Do note that swimming is not allowed due to saltwater crocodiles, but with so much to see and experience, you won’t even notice! Expect facilities in the form of  solar hot water showers, composting toilets, barbecues and picnic tables. Thoe with camping generators can rejoice as there are specific areas that cater to generators and other areas for those who prefer a little peace and quiet. 

Swimcart Beach

Swimcart Beach is paradise on earth, and a location that is sure to be unlike anything else you’ve ever seen. Located along the Gardens Road stretch of Tasmania’s Bay of Fires, expect to witness unspoilt ocean views that one would only expect to see in a magazine or on a postcard. Another bonus is that beachfront camping is free of charge as long as your stay doesn’t exceed 1 month. Do note that facilities are limited, so remember to bring everything you need with you. Swimcart Beach is also a sight best savoured with good company, so gather your friends and family for the trip of a lifetime. 

And there you have it - 6 of Australia's absolute must 0se coastal camping sites. We hope that this article has inspired you to grab your camping gear and explore some of the beautiful beaches and coastlines that our lovely country has to offer. Safe travels, and all the best! 

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