Creating A Jewellery Collection Inspired By Travel

Creating A Jewellery Collection Inspired By Travel

It’s been a strange year for tourism and jewellery alike, with the recent Jewellery in Australia report showing that the jewellery industry has seen a steep decline in recent months owing to lower tourism-related sales. Of course, if you are a natural adventurer, there is plenty to discover within Australia itself, and many opportunities to curate a collection based on your travels. As countries gradually begin opening their borders again, you can expand your collection to pieces you find in other countries, cities and villages. The following tips may help you to ensure that your jewellery collection truly symbolises and reminds you of your days in far-off lands, or in beautiful sites a little closer to home.

Defining Your Style And Expanding It

When building a jewellery set, having a good look at your wardrobe and analysing your personal style will help ensure you invest in pieces you are likely to use often. If you enjoy classic styles and designers, then iconic pieces from brands like Cartier, Chopard or Tiffany have a timeless appeal that will most likely go with your favourite pieces in your wardrobe. Although these brands sell designs costing tens of thousands of dollars or more, some have pieces going for less than $500-$1000, in affordable metals such as silver, with gems such as tsavorite in lieu of emeralds and other more expensive gems. Part of your style also involves choosing metals that go well with your skin, your clothing, and your lifestyle. If you are an outdoorsy type of person who likes to wear their jewellery even while pursuing adventures, then durable metals (such as platinum) are a better choice than fine yellow or rose gold.

Discovering Local Arts And Craftsmanship

Prior to visiting your chosen destination, read into what type of metals, gems and stones are made by local artisans. For instance, the Philippines is famed for its jade, jasper and opal. Indonesia, meanwhile, is known for its stunning jasper stones, which come in a plethora of different colours and patterns. Some parts of the U.S. (e.g. North Carolina) are known for their deep green emeralds. Usually, there will be a strong tradition in terms of turning local stones and gems into jewellery, so try to purchase an item made by a local or national designer so your items are strongly tied to the place you bought them from.

Investing In Statement Jewellery

You may decide to choose classically-designed pieces when investing in jewellery, but you can also fill your collection with statement jewellery that reflects the traditions of the places you have visited. Items can range from high-end, bespoke pieces to everyday items made in stones and silver. Large rings, cuffs, earrings and brooches can all add a unique look to your outfit; these pieces will inspire others to ask questions, giving you the opportunity to tell them all about your travels and impressions.

If you love jewellery and travel, then make the most of your time abroad or within Australia to collect beautiful items for your collection. Aim to purchase top materials from the places you visit, as well affordable items that can be used as a fashion statement. If you can, have one or more bespoke pieces made with metals and stones hailing from the jeweller’s area. This will ensure you always have a story to tell when you wear a piece you have co-designed.

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