10 Things You Should Never Have in Your Hand Luggage

10 Things You Should Never Have in Your Hand Luggage

(Or You Won't Get Through the Airport!)

When it comes to air travel, strict regulations apply in regards to what you can carry onto your flight. What not to have in your hand luggage might seem like it should be common sense by now, but every day countless items are confiscated at checkpoints worldwide. We’ve all seen those display boxes at airports which show collections of banned items that have been found such as weapons, liquids, and even chainsaws!

So unless you want to contribute artifacts to an airport’s collection, only to be compensated with possible heavy fines or even jail time, keep these items away from the airport. Travelers who travel with only carry-on should be particularly aware of these rules.

Weapons and Drugs

This should go without saying, but anything that can be used as a deadly weapon is not allowed. This means no guns, knives, brass knuckles, etc. It also means no Swiss Army Knives, nail files, or wine keys, so make sure you’ve removed these.

And if you’re wondering who would rock up to the airport with a gun and think it was allowed, there are still thousands of guns, many of which are loaded, that are seized at airport x-ray scanners each year.

As for illegal drugs, we have all seen enough Banged Up Abroad and Border Security episodes to know that you’ll get caught no matter what inventive way you come up with to conceal them.


The 100ml (3.4 fluid oz) restriction has been in place for some time now in regards to liquids. This means you can bring as many legal liquid items in your carry-on allowance you wish so long as they are placed in containers of this size or less. There are exceptions to this rule such as crucial medications like insulation or things like baby formula and breast milk.

Most duty free items that have been purchased after checkpoints are exempt from the 100ml rule as well, just remember to purchase on your final leg of travel or you may have to check them if you pass through another airport. Also note that items containing liquid like snow globes will be confiscated if they don’t conform to the restricted amount. Toothpaste and women’s makeup’s are commonly confiscated items too.


You sadly see it time and time again, but please don’t try and smuggle wild live animals in your clothing or carry on. Animals will clearly show up on security screens and you will just be putting yourself, others, and the animals at risk of injury or death.

Of course there are exceptions such as with service animals which can include dogs, cats, and even mini horses. Fly Etihad or Emirates and you might even be able to bring your pet falcon on the plane.


You may not be planning on bringing your chainsaw but be warned that any power tools or large hand tools such as hammers and saws will most likely be confiscated.

You can usually travel with these items in your checked bag, though you’re supposed be relaxing on your holiday, so leave the DIY projects at home. And rest assured that you won’t need to fix the plane mid flight as they are checked out scrupulously by technicians before taking off!

Flammable and Explosive Items

Paints, petrol, lighter fluid, and fireworks all fall under this category. Although you may not like the interior color choices of your aircraft, you won’t be allowed to paint it to your liking. This restriction also means you will also have to rely on your wit and charm to create sparks with the cute girl or guy seated beside you as they should be the only fireworks that are created during your flight.

Surprisingly common Bic style lighters are now allowed on many planes. Lighters which give off a blue flame are still prohibited.


You might be wondering why souvenirs made the list but countless gift items are taken away because you might not think of them as dangerous. Novelty gifts and antiques ranging from grenade bookends to historical cannonballs have been seized by airport security as they may still pose a threat.

Decorative knives are still knives and other more exotic souvenirs may contain harmful substances we are unaware of. Items may look incredibly intriguing on shelves but give some thought as to whether they will not only be allowed on planes but also be within the importation rules of your home country. Don’t try to board the plane with a spear or a sling shot. Border security will not be impressed.


If a personal item (like toiletries) is packaged as an aerosol, you might get away with traveling with it on the plane, even if the packaging says that it’s flammable.

However aerosols which are not allowed are things like spray paint or anything you would not spray on yourself. You can always call your chosen airlines if you are concerned with a particular aerosol.

Poisons, Chemicals, and Deterrents

You may be the next Bear Grylls ready to brave the Alaskan wilderness but that doesn’t mean you’ll be allowed to take your bear spray with you onboard.

Similarly things like pesticides, cleaning products, bleach, and pepper spray are not allowed. As a general rule, if the product states to keep out of the reach of children, then you probably can’t take it with you on the plane.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7

The infamous Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding battery has quickly found its way onto the list of prohibited goods (the battery overheats and has known to burst into flames).

Batteries in general can be tricky but as a general rule rechargeable batteries with a capacity of 100 watt-hours (Wh) or less are allowed on aircraft. Your everyday AA, AAA, and small lithium metal batteries commonly used in cell phones, handheld electronic games, and laptop computers will be allowed.

If you have questions as to whether you can travel with an item in your carry-on, you can contact your airline or CASA. There are many things that can go wrong during travel which is why so many restrictions are put in place.

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