Planning on an Australian Working Holiday? Don’t forget these tips!

Working in Australia

There are a few key ingredients that make up a successful working holiday. The first is a great budget accommodation provider, think a Melbourne hostel, where you can stay while you work without breaking the bank. The other is, of course, a work visa. You need one of these before you can legally work in Australia. Your final ingredient is employment. It wouldn't be a 'working' holiday without any working now, would it?

Read on for a few tips & tricks that should make your working holiday planning process as smooth as possible.

Before You Leave

Get you work visa

Before you even start thinking about booking tickets or researching backpacker accommodation you must lock in your work visa. Without it, you won't be able to work legally in Australia. You don't want to go through all the work of planning your big OE & stumble at the last hurdle. Check out the following link for a bunch of information on how to get your working holiday visa:

Sort out your finances

One thing the government requires of everyone trying to get a work visa is a bank account with enough cash to support yourself. They want to know that if worse comes to worse (it won't if you follow this this guide) that you can financially support yourself. A balance of around $5,000 Aussie dollars should do the trick.

Choose Where You Want To Work

With your work visa you can get a job anywhere in Australia however we recommend picking one of the big cities such as Melbourne or Sydney. Melbourne is a great choice for a working holiday as it is the cultural centre of Australia as well as being voted the most liveable city in the world, multiple times. There is plenty to see and do with heaps of opportunity for employment along with heaps of budget accommodation providers.

On Arrival

Banks & Tax

Once you touch down in Australia, you'll want to sort out a bank account for all that working holiday money to funnel into. Australia has heaps of banks to choose from with some of the main ones being:

  • ANZ
  • Commonwealth
  • Westpac

Next is your tax file number or TFN for short. You need this so the tax man doesn't take all your hard-earned money. This can be done easily over the internet here.  Another big benefit of sorting your TFN is getting all that tax back when your working holiday comes to an end.

Get A Phone Number & Sim Card

Next step is to get connected. There are a few phone companies to choose from that cover all the basics such as calls, text and date. If you’ve got an unlocked phone your best bet would be to purchase a sim card and go on a pre-pay plan until you get setup. If you’re after a new phone you can always sign up to plan that includes a phone. Be warned though, these plans usually lock you in for up to 2 years.

Find a place to stay

This one is easy. Your ideal place to stay is a cheap hostel or budget accommodation provider. There are heaps of Melbourne hostels scattered around the city so you shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice affordable place to stay.

Once you're settled

Get A Job

If you don't find a job your working holiday would just be a holiday. Doesn't sound that bad but with no work, there is no money and no money means your holiday will be cut short. Australia, & Melbourne in general, have heaps of opportunities for working holiday makers. Whether it's hospitality or retail, there are always places looking for staff.

There are a few ways to find work. You can head over to Seek and see what’s currently being advertised. The other option is grabbing a few copies of your CV and do a good old fashioned door knock. Try the hostel you're staying at or the pub you saw down the road. Most places will appreciate the personal touch.

Follow the steps in this guide & your working holiday will go off without a hitch. The only thing left is to go out & do it. To help get you started a great place to stay that also offers job assistance is Discovery Melbourne, located in Melbourne’s CBD. Check them out at It’s a great place to begin your working holiday adventure. Good luck.

Posted By JKakkar on 23rd August 2017

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