The benefits of the right mechanical seal shafts for marine engines

The benefits of the right mechanical seal shafts for marine engines

Mechanical seal shafts for marine engines

So you’re out on that new boat, the water is fresh and the birds are chirping.  You’ve never had it so good. The weather is perfect and the fish are biting, or you’re just enjoying a good boat trip out. All of that is about to change. You hear a slight “ting”, and stop your boat. The rotating blades of your propeller slow to a shut off and you think to yourself “what could have happened?” Using a shaft seal can mean the difference between a healthy boat ride and one where you need to call the coast-guard and it’s important to understand the benefits before you purchase a new shaft seal for your propeller, in order to get the right one.

Learning the benefits of the right mechanical shaft seals for your boat

The benefits of a mechanical shaft seal are easy to get to understand and if you are looking for a shaft seal you can find the right size and specifications for you and your marine adventures. Shaft seals come in many different sizes and shapes and they keep your boat from moving in a direction that you don’t want. (I.e. downwards!) There are many different brands available and the right fit can easily be found if you know where to look.

How it used to be

Old-fashioned pumps used to use packing to seal the shaft. However, in the marine industry, just like many others, there have been major developments with new technology and new innovations being thought up all the time and now you can find a variety of different shaft seals for your propeller that will ensure good performance and make sure you’re able to get out on the water with confidence that you won’t run into trouble with leakage. Most seal shafts use ceramic or silicon to make them durable and ready to use. Your rotor doesn’t need to be misused and you shouldn’t spend a large amount of money to constantly fix your motor and rotor. Using a shaft seal can save you a lot of money and time to make the necessary changes and repairs to your boat.

One of the best shaft seals on the market

There’s one such shaft seal that offers many benefits to those who want to sail with absolute confidence, and that’s the PSS Shaft Seal. This extremely innovative shaft seal integrates into the shaft system and becomes airtight and watertight, meaning you don’t have to suffer from leakage, which could obviously damage your boat. With the security that your propeller shaft is safe from leakage, you can ensure your boat is safe out on the water and you can enjoy your boat that much more.

In addition to this. PSS shaft seals also come with a maintenance kit, which means you won’t have to look at getting someone in if there’s a problem. Looked at by industry experts as a premier retrofit, the PSS shaft seal comes with certification by RINA, Bureau Veritas and ABS too. However, you’re likely to find that many engineers and boat builders fit PSS seals as standard as they prefer the reliability and durability that the PSS shaft seals offer. If the boat builders and engineers prefer it, then who are we to argue? It’s obviously something that makes good sense.

So when it comes to getting the right mechanical shaft seals for your boat, there’s really no question about which one to go for. Knowing the benefits that a PSS shaft seal can bring to your boat, there’s really only one question. When are you going to get one?

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