Exploring the Vast Outback: Travelling Australia in an Electric Vehicle

Exploring the Vast Outback: Travelling Australia in an Electric Vehicle

Australia, known for its breathtaking landscapes and vast terrains, has become an increasingly popular destination for EV enthusiasts. With the recent surge in public charging infrastructure, embarking on a road trip across Australia in an EV has never been more feasible and exciting.

The Power Surge: Australia’s Growing EV Charging Network

According to a recent report by the Australian Electric Vehicle Council (EVC), the number of public charging stations has experienced a remarkable surge. 2021 boasted the installation of 1614 public charging stations, the count escalated to an impressive 2392 stations by the end of 2022.

As of the latest data, Australian EV owners now have access to almost 2400 public charging locations, strategically positioned across the country. This comprehensive charging network makes it increasingly convenient for EV travellers to explore even the most remote corners of this vast continent without range anxiety.

Planning Your EV Journey

Before you set off on your electric car adventure, take a moment to plan your Journey. Firstly, since you are travelling in an EV you should plan about where you are going to charge. It’s as simple as using the many charging stations along the way. Apps like Plugshare, Google Maps, and if you're driving a Tesla, their built-in charging station maps can help you find the best places to charge.

Decide where you want to stop and charge during your trip. The maps will guide you, showing the easiest routes and giving you details like how long charging will take the number of stops you need, and the cost. 

Also, it is important to make sure you always carry a portable charger in you booth just incase if the charging stations are out of order specially in remote locations.

With these tools, your electric car trip is not only easier, but also more foreseeable, and in turn enjoyable. Now you can do the rest of the planning like booking accommodation, tickets for places, reserving restaurants, and more.

Australia's EV-Friendly Regions

1. Urban Charging Hubs: Major cities like Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC, and Brisbane QLD boast a network of charging stations, both within the city limits and on the outskirts. Enabling

EV adventurers to venture that little bit further.

2. Coastal Charging Spots: The popular coastal routes, such as the Pacific Coast Highway, are well-equipped with charging stations. Travellers can enjoy the scenic beauty of the Australian coastline while charging their EVs, ensuring a sustainable and picturesque journey.

3. Outback Adventures: Even in the vast and rugged Outback, the growing number of charging stations provides EV adventurers with the confidence to explore remote regions. Charging stations strategically placed in Outback towns allow for a seamless transition from one breathtaking location to another.

Travelling in an EV: The Advantages and Disadvantages


- Travelling by EV enables environmental sustainability with zero emissions.

- By saving on fuel costs (especially with government incentives), the accumulated savings can be spent elsewhere.

- Access to a growing network of over 2400 public charging stations (convenience and growing accessibility).


- Limited driving range may pose challenges in remote areas.

- Longer charging times compared to traditional refuelling of diesel/petrol powered

- Upfront cost of EVs and potential battery degradation concerns due to frequent uses of DC charging stations.

Conclusion: A Greener Road Ahead

With almost 2400 public charging locations and a commitment to sustainability, Australia has emerged as a welcoming haven for EV enthusiasts. The expansive and growing charging network ensures that roving through the diverse Australian landscape in an electric vehicle is not only feasible but also an eco-friendly adventure. As the EV revolution gains momentum, the road ahead in Australia promises to be both thrilling and sustainable. So, charge up your EV and get ready to explore the wonders of the Land Down Under!

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