Tips For Camping And RVing With Your Furry Friend

Tips For Camping And RVing With Your Furry Friend

If you are a pet lover, you consider your furry friend as part of your family. Camping or RVing will not be complete without them. Before you go on a camping trip with your dogs, it is essential to plan. An RVing adventure will be more fun if you have made a lot of preparations. 

1. Plan your trip

While these tips may sound obvious, last minute preparation, especially if you are going to bring your pets may not give you an enjoyable camping experience. You need to call the national park in advance to find out if they are accepting pets. Some parks are strict about campers bringing pets. They also limit breeds, pet quantities, and sizes. It is essential to know about these rules before you show up at the campsite. You will also have to ask about the facilities such as the nearest emergency vet. 

2. Be ready

Just like humans, dogs have needs that should be met even while camping. Your pets will explore the wilderness, and they need protection for that. Apply medications for tick and flea when on a camping trip. You also need to pack water bowl and travel food. A first aid kit will also be essential and if you still have room for their bedding, be sure to set it up to make them feel at home. Campsites will also expect you to be a responsible owner who looks after your dog. Bring poo bags and use them. 

3. Do not forget the leash

You should not allow your dogs to run around. They need to be on a leash as there might be some unfamiliar surroundings that they want to explore. If you let them wander, you might end up losing them. You will need two leashes for hiking and another for walking. Your pets would also love to explore the great unknown, but it is your responsibility as an owner to ensure that you do not keep them out of sight. 

4. Be aware of your neighbors

When camping, you will be spending time with other campers, and some of them are not fond of pets. Even if your neighbor loves dogs, you still need to assess the situation. If the neighbor also happens to have a dog, you have to know how the dogs are getting along. Do not forget to keep your dogs on a leash because it will help you control your dog regardless of the situation. 

5. Discourage negative behavior

Your dog may not always show their best behavior. Camping with your pets may also be a big adventure for them, and there are times when they tend to misbehave or get excited. Your pets may dig holes or chase wildlife. You need to discourage this negative behavior by making sure that you set some boundaries. You have to let your pets know that you are still in control. Speaking out is also a way to comfort your furry friends. 

6. Schedule a trip to the vet

Before the trip, you need to schedule a visit to the vet to have your pets checked. You might be required to secure flea and tick meds, bug repellent and other medications so you can protect your pets when you walk them in the woods. Check your pet after every hike if tick and flea are catching a ride. 

7. Keep the campsite clean

RV campers are expected to keep the site clean all the time. If you bring your pets, you need to make sure that the waste is completely removed. Everything must be appropriately disposed of in the garbage cans. If you carry poo bags, you also need to check if it was biodegradable. Pet owners should show respect to the campground for the site to be open to pets.

The key to having a successful camping trip is being well prepared. You should also be friendly to your fellow RV campers and always follow the campground's do's and don'ts. Just like your children, you should not leave your furry friends unattended. Do not allow pets to stray too far. By practicing good behavior, following careful packing, and respecting your neighbors, you will be able to have a great time exploring the wilderness. Make the most out of your camping trip. Talk to a Dallas RV dealer today.

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