The Longevity of Light - How to Decide Which Flashlight You Should Buy For Travelling

The Longevity of Light - How to Decide Which Flashlight You Should Buy For Travelling

Travelling is one of the most exciting things you can do, and each location requires a different set of tools or clothes to get you there and back again safely. If you’re going to places like New York City or London, you’ll probably need warm clothes and comfortable shoes to get around in, whereas if you’re in places like the Amazon Jungle or the African Savannah, you’ll probably need a selection of bug repellant and LED torches.

When it comes to illuminating the subject of your travels, it can be tricky to decide which torch will suit your travels best. To help with this conundrum, we’ve put together a short guide on how to decide which flashlight you should buy for your travels.

Battery Life

The first thing to consider in this all-important quest for facts is the battery life of your torch. Battery life is hugely important, as the longer you can leave your torch without changing batteries, the less it’ll cost you in the long run. You should also consider the battery power in relation to the light emitted, as a battery that lasts for years isn’t worth much if it powers a barely visible globe.

A good medium to consider is whether or not you can recharge the battery, and how long it will last on a full charge if you can. A long-run with a rechargeable battery will usually mean a high-quality battery, and therefore a good torch.


Next up is the lumens produced by the torch.

Lumens refers to the units of light put out by the torch itself. In the selection of torches you’re likely to come across, you’ll probably find that LED torches produce the most lumens out of any other. A hugely bright torch isn’t always what you want, as it can disrupt other people and the native animals of the place you’re visiting. Look for a middle-ground, and always test the torch before purchasing it, because the packaging won’t always accurately reflect the power of the torch.


The portability of your torch is key, as the point of torches is to be portable. Some torches that can be recharged and have a high lumen count are actually lantern-styled torches, and take up much too much room in your suitcase. Others might fit on a keychain but produce next to no light when fully charged and turned on, making them essentially useless. A good rule of thumb tends to be that a torch that will fit in one hand comfortably will be suitably bright, where a keychain torch would be too small for one hand and a lantern would be much too big.

Portable Torch

Other Uses

Finally, we come to the other uses of the torch.Some torches come with extra attachments to allow for things like solar charging, which is an added benefit of this torch. Occasionally, some will come with strobe light settings, which can be good for emergency situations like getting lost in a forest at night, or for road safety when hiking.

One useful feature some torches come with is a crank to turn, which charges the battery. This is hugely useful and important for wilderness exploration, as it means you won’t ever be without light in a dangerous situation, and if your torch runs out of battery you can always recharge it. 

With these tips in mind, finding the right torch for your world-stage adventure should be easier. As long as you keep in mind the above points, your torch search should be limited to a range of devices within your price range and appropriate for your travels, so get out there and find the torch you need today!

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