The Guide To Celebrating A Special Birthday With That Signature Sydney Style

The Guide To Celebrating A Special Birthday With That Signature Sydney Style

When it comes to celebrating a birthday, we all want to feel special and appreciated. However, when it comes time for marking a significant birthday, how do you go that little bit of the extra mile?

There is no doubt that Sydney is a beautiful city that has many historical landmarks, but how to do them for a birthday that will be remembered for years afterwards. 

We all know about the harbour, and the great nightlife, but there's so much more to Sydney than that.

From treats at Taronga to Bondi Icebergs. Seaplanes to skydiving, brewed beer to culinary cruises, there's something to satisfy even the most sophisticated celebration.

Therefore, while you may start the birthday with dinner and friends, why not turn it into a birthday week and see what the Harbour city really has to offer. 

Now let's get this party started right now and start it right!

Regal Restaurant Reservations:

When celebrating a significant birthday bash, it can feel great to let others create the food that you feast on, am I right?

As it goes, the one thing you can make well for a significant birthday is reservations. It should be noted that when hiring out a restaurant in Sydney, for lunch or dinner, it is best to book in advance, as many bookings go fast.

This has become of paramount importance not only in Sydney but in hospitality in general. It also helps limit the chances of the place being booked out on the time of the glorious occasion or waiting forever for a table just so you can be seated.

By booking out a restaurant, you can arrange for any special cakes you have included to be decorated for the occasion.

Moreover, we all know the best part…you enjoy the festivities because you're not stuck in the kitchen cooking or cleaning up later. 

A Cruise With Lunch Included

Okay, so I said that there was more to Sydney than the harbour, and yes, there is, but I will extend on that soon.

For when it comes to signature Sydney style, as well-known as it may be, there is something truly beautiful about Darling Harbour and being on the

waters on a sunny day.

From BYO packages for the fun of the day to three-course lunch and desserts in luxurious style, there are a number of private cruises you can book. 

So whether you want a birthday bash with just your friends or you're inviting the whole family, a Sydney cruise is the ideal magical birthday experience that no one will be able to forget for a long time.

A Masterclass To Infuse Your ‘Spirit’

If you're looking for a really different experience on your birthday, and who doesn't want a little bit extra on a noted birthday, this could be a way to lift your spirit, with 'spirit' being the prominent word.

In Sydney's Surry Hills, you will find the "Four Pillars Laboratory." Here they offer tasting sessions of their gin infusions along with subsequent snacks each Saturday. 

A perfect idea for anyone who is interested in understanding the technique of crafting and distilling a good spirit.

Learn How To Throw An Axe

There is no need to be confused by the heading, for no one is about to be given the chop. The only thing to determine is who is a 'cut above the rest.'

The unique activity of 'axe throwing' can allow you to let out some frustration, unleash some skill, or just get competitive with your mates.

The group, Maniax, offers coaching and practice before the real thing, so if you're up for some targets and conquering your friend's first bullseye, this may be the activity for you.

Enjoy A Winter Wonderland

If your birthday falls during winter in Sydney, there's no need to despair, for there are an array of events that occur that can turn a birthday week into a wonderful time of discovery and new experiences.

Perhaps you're a lover of all things snow and ice or light up your night with a fantastic light show, on the harbour. 

Another well-known event is also held in Sydney during winter  - the Archibald Prize for portraiture art. So, if you're one for a visual art display, head to the Gallery of NSW from May - September.

From gardens to galleries, and festivals for all means of festive fun, Sydney doesn't just come alive during the warmer months. 

A Date with a Difference

If it's your significant other's special day, how about going that bit further in spoiling them.

Beyond regular date night, tailor it to their specific interests, and who knows, you may find a newly shared passion. 


Hence, when it comes to celebrations in Sydney, while dinner reservations are a good starting point, why stop there? Turn a birthday into a week-long extravaganza.

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