Staying Safe On Holidays

Staying Safe On Holidays

Thanks to some dodgy characters, it is important to take a few simple saftey measures while on holidays. It can be as simple as holding your hand bag close to your body but there are other measures we can take to ensure everything goes to plan.

When in public places it is a good idea not to flash large amounts of cash and it is best to travel with a handbag with an over the shoulder strap that can fit across your body. For guys who don't like the idea of carring a 'Man Bag' a travel money belt is a good place to store cash and passports safely under your clothes.

Also if you have a camera strap make sure when you are walking to be cautious of your surroundings. When I was in Paris my brother in-law was walking with his camera around his neck and somebody tried to snatch his camera, luckily he was paying attention and he didn't let the would-be thief run off with his expensive camera (not to mention all of his travel pics)! Because there are some dishonest people around it's a good idea to stay on guard while having a good time.

Travel Insurance is also important and it is easy to organise and in-expensive. Just make sure when you are arranging your travel insurance that you are covered for cancellations, medical and repatriation expenses, personal injury and accident, loss of personal baggage, money and personal liability insurance.

Another handy tip is to scan copies of your travel documents in case your luggage is lost or stolen. I scanned a copy of my passport and travel itinerary and emailed copies to myself so that if anything happened all I had to do was login to my emaill account. It is also a good idea to give copies of your itinerary to family members. I often have family members emailing hostels/backpackers trying to get in touch with relatives, by sharing your plans with others it can save a lot of time in the case of an emergancy. It is also a good idea to check Government websites for travel warnings and it is also possible to register your travel plans with the Australian Government. This means that if you are in a foreign country and there is an emergancy the Government will be able to assist you and help keep you safe.

If we take a few simple safety measures you can enjoy your holiday without stressing. Most of the time everything goes according to plan but it's better to be safe than sorry. Wishing everybody safe travels!

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