Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere

Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere

You might take a break from work for your travels, but trips do not justify skipping workouts. In fact, working out while you travel can have numerous benefits! You can get rid of the effects of jet lag with a good workout. Exercise can also boost your energy levels and focus.

You may have chosen to go on a trip to refresh yourself because you wish to prioritize your mental health. Working out can uplift your mood and reduce your stress levels. The combined effect of travel and exercise may produce even better results.

This post is for all health-conscious people and gym aficionados planning to travel anytime in the near future. You can maintain your health and shape even while you are away from your gym and special equipment. Here are a few ways to sweat while you are on a sightseeing trip in Australia.

1. Walking: You may have planned to walk to popular tourist spots that are a short distance from your hotel. But have you considered how much fun it would be to join guided walking tours and explore Australia on foot? 

Imagine being able to gaze at breathtaking scenes while you walk for the recommended amount of time (30 minutes or more each day). Some walking tours are designed to be more challenging for those with better fitness levels.

Take advantage of the many beautiful walking trails in Australia like the Bayside Art Trail and Bibbulman Track.

2. Bodyweight exercises: Calisthenics, or bodyweight training is a way to increase and maintain muscle mass. Squats, lunges, push-ups, planks, and crunch exercises are options that need no special equipment.

You could do a bodyweight workout at any time of the day according to your convenience, even in your hotel room. Or better yet, work out in picturesque natural settings while getting some fresh air and Vitamin D. Sydney has some amazing outdoor workout locations.

3. Swimming: If you want a workout that is equal parts serene and exhilarating, you could choose swimming. Swimming is an activity with multiple health benefits like building endurance, increasing muscle strength, toning muscles, and improving cardiovascular fitness. 

For this workout, the hotel swimming pool is always an option. But would you not fancy a swim in a giant natural pool with kangaroos in plain sight? This is exactly what you will be able to do at Stokes Bay. Take it one step (or one stroke) further with snorkeling at Clovelly Beach.

Stay fit when travelling

4. Yoga: With Yoga, you can improve your flexibility and balance while you travel. Whether you are in a hotel room or outside in a park, incorporate the props or natural features around in your yoga practice. You can use the bed, chair, tree, or wall for support or balance as required.

Stay fit when travelling

5. Cycling: This is a top-notch workout that can help you improve your overall fitness.  Biking strengthens your lower body and helps burn about 400 calories per hour. What’s not to love about an activity that is not only good for you but also for the environment? Use a rented bike instead of motor transport for exploring locations on your trip.

Stay fit when travelling

Make the most of the network of cycling trails and the many mountain bike parks in Australia. If you are in Melbourne, the Capital City Trail offers the opportunity of a 29 km cycling workout around main tourist attractions. 

6. Resistance bands: With just a light set of resistance bands, you can exercise every muscle in your body. You can carry the resistance bands with you anywhere, and work out in any place. They may not seem like much, but resistance bands are as effective as conventional gym equipment for strength training. 

7. Using water-fillable dumbbells: Water-fillable dumbbells will work just as well as the typical metal dumbbells for a strength workout. You can carry these light polypropylene dumbbells with you easily in your luggage. Just fill in the water wherever and whenever you want to work out. Use these dumbbells to build muscles and tone your body. Some of the dumbbells come with extra water-fillable balls that you can attach to either side of the handle to add more weight and resistance.

8. Using the hotel gym or outdoor fitness equipment: Many hotels have fully-equipped gyms. This means that you don’t have to miss out on your usual gym workout. In Australia, many parks have outdoor fitness equipment installed. Most of these outdoor gyms have equipment that has overlapping similarities with conventional gym equipment. You can meet the locals with similar interests while working on your fitness. 

On this journey of exploring locales and improving your fitness, don’t forget to stay hydrated. The Australian bush tucker diet is high in protein, micronutrients, and fiber while being low in sugar. It may help you with your fitness goals when followed along with travel-friendly workouts.

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Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere
Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere
Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere
Sightsee and Sweat: The Best Travel Workouts to Stay Fit Anywhere