Making the Final Connections to Complete Your Move to Australia

Making the Final Connections to Complete Your Move to Australia

Over the last 20 years there has been a huge increase in Australia’s annual immigration with 2.5 times more people moving to the country now than in 1996. If you’ve decided to join them after falling in with the country during your travels, you’ll need to take some time to make plans and complete administrative tasks. Once you’ve met all the requirements for emigration and residency, and have found a new home, there are a just few final completions and connections that you need to make.

Switching on the Lights

One of your first jobs will be to ensure you have power in your new home. Informing your chosen gas and electricity supplier three or four days before moving in is sufficient time to complete the changeover. This is also a good time to get any necessary changes or improvements made to the electrics. While looking out for accredited tradespeople, you’ll find the choice of electricians Sydney can offer will be greater than in more remote areas. If you do decide to go ahead with any upgrades to the wiring or installations on your premises, you may you may need to inform your distributor of any proposed changes in case they affect equipment or quality of supply.

Turning On The Taps

As long as you’re moving to an existing property, your home will automatically be connected to the local water supplier. In Australia, the water bills consists of a fixed fee covering supply to your home and a variable water use charge which depends on the actual amount of water used. With water being a limited resource and prices set to rise in the future, looking into ways to conserve water, such as a installing a rainwater tank when you move in, could help lower your bills.

Connecting to the Network

Keeping in contact with friends and relatives back home will be a priority in your new life. Although broadband speeds tend to be slow, they are still perfectly adequate for internet connection, and cheaper high speed bundles are being rolled out this year. The National Broadband Network is hoping to connect 13 million households in rural areas over the next eight years but, in the meantime, higher mobile speeds are more reliable, with Australia boasting the fifth fastest mobile internet in the world.

As with any move, there will be some last minute administration to complete before you can finally settle down. After the upheaval of emigrating and all the paperwork that it entails, a few further, simple steps will see that your new home is running smoothly ready for your move in date and your exciting new future in Australia.

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