Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Australia

Get the Most Out of Your Trip to Australia

Going to Australia is the dream holiday for people all over the world.However, if you have never been before, the idea of travelling to the other side of the world can be extremely daunting without sufficient planning. In this guide, we’re going to look at some of the key tips to be aware of to plan your dream trip to Australia:

1. When to go

You can go to Australia at any time of the year, providing you choose the correct locations for the season. It is also heavily dependent on what you wish to see when you arrive. Australia is split into two climates. Northern Australia is dry between April and September which is the perfect temperature to explore the outdoors, however, out of season can see heavy rainfall and potential flooding.

Southern Australia on the other hand, is hot between December and February, while June to August is a much cooler and comfortable temperature if you wish to explore the outdoors with activities such as hiking.

2. Getting around

Australia is a huge country but getting around can be easy once you know how. Flying is the best way to see the majority of Australia if you have very little time on your trip. In a few hours, you can hop between cities and see more of what the country has to offer. What’s more, you can also save loads of cash by booking your flights well in advance.

It’s also easy to get around by buses or coaches within your town or state. They’re known for being comfortable and reasonably priced. Australia’s main coach tour operator Greyhound would be the recommended choice – they offer long and short hops and flexible passes dependent on how far you wish to travel. Finally, you could also consider train travel – with convenient links running throughout the whole of Australia.

3. Budgeting

Australia is likely to be one of the most expensive trips you ever make in your lifetime. With this in mind, you should consider budgeting a few years before you go if possible, to build up a reasonable fund that allows you to spend freely without having to watch the pennies

As with any county you’re visiting, the cost does, however, depend on how luxurious you wish the trip to be. Despite this, it is likely to cost several thousands of dollars per person for travel and accommodation, plus around £100 per day at minimum for food, day trips and souvenirs. Before you travel, it would be worth reading up on the exchange rate and understanding and comparing different Forex markets to make the most of your money. The current exchange rate as of January 2021 is 1.77 Australian dollars to the British pound.

If you’re planning on visiting Australia once it is safe to do in regard to COVID-19 guidelines, we hope this guide has provided some useful tips to take on board for your future holiday ‘down under’! Good luck!

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