Do It The Aussie Way: Where To Shop Like A Local

Melbourne Shopping

If you’re a visitor to Australia, you will want to stake out their shopping scene because they offer an eclectic mix of options that run from local handmade crats to luxury designers. The land of Oz is one of the most exotic places to visit across the globe when it comes to quality shopping. From international brands to aboriginal handcrafted products, Australia has everything you need to satiate your thirst for retail. Don't forget to shop local as taking something authentically Australian home with you as your souvenir should be on top of your shopping agenda. Here are some of the best shopping places in major cities the land down under.

MacArthur Central in Brisbane

With its Renaissance-style architecture, the MacArthur Central in sunny Brisbane is a must-visit. The famous central centre got its name from General Douglas MacArthur, who used the building during World War II as his Allied forces headquarters. This four-story shopping complex along Queen street is plied with many shops that vary from home and garden to cosmetics and electronics. They are open from 7 am to 9 pm, having one of the longest shopping hours in town. Drop by and look for unique Aussie bric-a-brac items that'll remind you of your fabulous vacation in Australia.

Chadstone Shopping Center in Melbourne

This 2-million square foot Chadstone Shopping Center in Malvern East, Victoria is the largest shopping center in Oz.  To date, it houses 510 stores, including world-renowned brands like Aldo, Gap, Target, and H&M. There you will find plenty of international and local brands with an array of items that may be difficult to find elsewhere. You can also pre-shop at Woolworths online, where you can find great deals, bonus promos, and more.

Tuchuzy at Bondi Beach

If you're heading to Bondi Beach for vacation, don't forget to visit the Tuchuzy Boutique. There you'll find luxury labels, local activewear, organic cosmetics, and ethically-made denim. With an eclectic variety of designers such as Boyys, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and more; the shop possesses a laid-back style that Sydney locals love. You can even take a break and eat at Harry's Cafe for a quick caffeine break and continue on your shopping journey. 

If you're looking to make your shopping trip even more memorable, consider a shopping tour that offers all the stops on your list. You might even discover a new brand or local boutique that'll make your shopping vacation all the more memorable.

Posted By JenniferD on 10th September 2019

Updated : 11th September 2019 | Words : 400 | Views : 442

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