Cross Country Cruising: Australia's Top Biking Trails

Cross Country Cruising: Australia's Top Biking Trails

Tired of your local cycling tracks? Looking to pack the bike on the roof racks of your car and head off in pursuit of adventures?

These biking trails are some of the best (and most challenging) in the country and will provide memorable experiences for people from all walks of life.

Mt Buller Tourist Road, Victoria 

You don't need to fly all the way to Europe to experience alpine road riding. While The Alps that cut through France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Slovenia and Liechtenstein are a once-in-lifetime experience, the Australian equivalent in eastern Victoria will also provide an experience that you will never forget. 

For those who want to test themselves on a steep uphill ascent, Mt Buller’s Tourist Road may very well be your perfect entry point. This 16km trail is highly scenic alongside being a satisfying level of gruelling, however it is also largely considered to be quite accessible to riders of all fitness levels and abilities. Do not interpret this as the Tourist Road being easy, however. At times this road will hit gradients of 13 per cent. Anything above 10 per cent is serious business, so get ready to bust out some lung-busting, standing riding in order to reach the pinnacle. 

Rest assured, there is a reward at the top with Mt Buller Village awaiting. This village resort is home to ski slopes and The National Alpine Museum of Australia so you can plan your cycling adventure to tie right into a ski holiday - if you are willing to brave the cold. During the summer months, you can test your mettle on the Mt Buller Tourist Road and then set your sights on the next cycling adventure that lies around the corner in the Victorian High Country.

7 Peaks Alpine Ascent Challenge, Victorian High Country

For riders who really want to test themselves, this journey has been likened to the world-famous Tour de France. Riders can test themselves across seven different mountains on the Victorian Alps Cycle Trail, crowning their achievement at seven different Victorian Alpine Resorts. There is no registration required, no official race, just individual riders (or groups) testing themselves on the Australian Alps including:

  • Lake Mountain (distance 20.9km, height 932m): Average grade four per cent, maximum grade 10 per cent.
  • Mt Baw Baw (distance 6.5km, height 741m): Average grade 11.4 per cent, maximum grade 20.6 per cent.
  • Mt Buller (distance 15.3km, height 921m): Average grade 6.2 per cent, maximum grade 13 per cent.
  • Mt Hotham (distance 30km, height 1321m): Average grade four per cent, maximum grade 18 per cent.
  • Falls Creek (distance 29.5km, height 1129m): Average grade four per cent, maximum grade 10 per cent.
  • Mt Buffalo (distance 20.4km, height 1015m): Average grade five per cent, maximum grade 11 per cent.
  • Dinner Plain (distance 42.8km, height 943m): Average grade two per cent, maximum grade 11 per cent.

South-East Queensland Hinterlands

The Sunshine Coast north of Brisbane and the Gold Coast to the south are well known for their beaches. What some people don't realise is both places have incredible hinterlands that are just begging to be explored. West of the Sunny Coast you will find Tewantin National Park and its 11 dedicated cycling trails. Nearby Beerwah State Forest features the Ewen Maddock Mountain Bike Trail that is also suitable for families to explore and people of all ages and abilities. 

Exploring the Gold Coast hinterland is something that everyone has to experience - and there is no better way than by cycling. The 43km loop up and down Mount Tamborine is breathtaking while Little Nerang Dam to Springbrook is regarded as one of the best cycling tracks in the state - and the country. Hinze Dam, Currumbin Valley, O'Reilly's Rainforest Retreat - there are so many tracks and trails through the most picturesque countryside waiting to be explored. All with the glitz and glamour of the Gold Coast close by for your accommodation, dining and entertainment needs in between rides.

Cycling Through New South Wales

It is impossible to lock down a single cycling trail in New South Wales that stands above the rest. These three tracks will not disappoint, though, and have been divided by ability so everyone can enjoy the best that NSW has to offer:

  • Entry-level: The Woody Creek Cycling Trail in Everlasting Swamp National Park is not overly challenging but it is absolutely breathtaking. The sweeping trails will take you through wetlands teeming with wildlife, across creeks, through bushland and swimming holes.

  • Intermediate: The Thredbo Valley Track is one of the most popular locations for cyclists in New South Wales and a certain level of base fitness is required. You can choose the level of difficulty from the 12km return Rangers Station trail, to the 20km return Lake Crackenback Resort trail and the newly minted Thredbo Valley extension for a 35km adventure that includes the Lake Crackenback trail.

  • Expert: It is possible for riders of all abilities to enjoy the Blue Mountains and it is highly recommended every cyclist explore this region. The Oaks Fire Trail and Anderson's Fire Trail can be combined for an epic 120km journey including steep ascents and the ultimate challenge for dedicated riders.

Honourable mentions: Mt Nebo (Queensland), Mt Kosciusko (NSW), Mawson Trail (South Australia), The Tasmanian Trail, Capital City Trail (Victoria), Marmion to Burns Beach (Western Australia) and the Darwin Rail Trail.

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