Comparing Hostels Around The World To Australia: What To Know

Hostel Accommodation

Australia is a great and safe place for any traveler, including those who want to travel solo. There are just so many spectacular places and exciting activities that you can do in the country. If you are worried about cost, there are budget-friendly options that are available.

If you are given a chance to travel to go, grab the opportunity! Over the past couple of years, tourists from all over the world have been flocking to the "Land Down Under" due simply to its amazing beauty.

If you intend to travel backpacker style, there are so many hostels around the country that you should consider. It's a popular option among those who have working holiday visas. If you are keen to know more about hostels in Australia, you should check out the guide below:

How Much Does It Cost To Stay At A Hostel Per Night?

The hostel rates in Australia depend on where you are in the country. If you start your backpacking trip from a big city like Melbourne and Sydney, then a night at a hostel dorm is between $20 to $40.

If you are on a budget, you might want to stay away from posh hotel accommodations because the average rate is over $190. There are many things to see in the country, so you might want to go easy at the start of your journey.

Once you go around smaller cities and towns, rates might be a little cheaper, but this depends on the type of hostel you book. In Australia, you will find all sorts of hostel types. There are boutique hostels that might be a little more expensive than a party-centric hostel. Make sure you read reviews before making a reservation

What’s The Sleeping Arrangement Like?

If you are staying at a hostel in Australia, expect to share a dorm with different kinds of travelers. These dorms are mostly bunk beds, but there are some offering pods similar to Tokyo's hostels that you can book.

Check the different dorm sizes available in each hostel and choose the one you think you would be most comfortable in. Do note that rates might differ depending on the type you end up picking.

If you are not too comfortable sharing a room with people because of personal reasons, some hostels offer private rooms. If you have a travel buddy you can share a room with, you can divide the cost of the room as well.

In Australia, don't be surprised if you have to make your bed. While there is staff available to assist you whenever you have questions, there are hostels that would hand you the sheets upon check-in, and you have to set your bed up yourself.

What Are The Other Facilities?

Every hostel in the country is different. Each one has a different vibe and feel. If you are looking for anything specific, you can always check the different facilities and services that they have

  • Toilet And Bath

Most hostels in Australia have communal bathrooms. Some might have separate facilities for men and women. There might be some that are gender-neutral. The toilet and bath facilities are often made up of several cubicles. Some hostels are offering en-suite bathroom facilities, but this is a rare thing.

One of the things you shouldn't forget when staying at a hostel is to bring your own towel. Not all hostels have free towels for guests. If you don't have one, you can rent a towel for a minimal fee.

  • Common Kitchen

In most Australian hostels, you will find a shared kitchen where you can prepare your food. If you don't want to spend $20 every time you eat, then this is perfect for those traveling on a budget. The communal kitchen is also an excellent place to meet other travelers. Some hostels offer coffee and tea so you can chat with other people while starting your day.

  • Common Room

Depending on the type of hostel you are at, the common room is the best area in the place. It’s where travelers from all walks of life can hang out and meet each other. You can share travel stories with fellow travelers who are making their way around Australia. It is a great spot to find potential travel buddies with whom you can travel around the country with!

Be Safe And Enjoy The Hostel Life

Australia is a country that has plenty to share with all kinds of travelers. It's such a vast space that there's always something for everyone! It has a pretty laid-back culture that would make your experience something that you would never forget.

If you want to make the most out of your trip, choose hostels that have facilities and amenities that fit your budget and your requirements. Make sure you choose a hostel that guarantees clean and secure lodging. You can spend some time going through reviews and testimonials online. You can also ask for recommendations from travelers you will meet along the way. Wherever you end up in, don't forget to enjoy and have the best time ever!

Posted By William on 29th November 2019

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Hostel Accommodation
Hostel Accommodation


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