Common Expat Communities in Australia: What You Need to Know

Common Expat Communities in Australia: What You Need to Know

Many people dream about taking a summer vacation to the land down under. And for some people, their trip to Australia inspires them to move there. Australia offers a high quality of living, beautiful landscapes, an unpolluted atmosphere, and a more laid-back lifestyle. The population continues to grow and remains a popular expat destination. Australia currently encourages controlled immigration from the United States and Europe.

If living in Australia is your dream, keep reading to find out more about expat communities there.

Some of the most common expat communities in Australia

Many people that are considering moving to Australia want to know what the current expat population looks like. Moving to a new place can be overwhelming, but knowing that there other expats from their own country can help make the transition easier.

Australia is extremely multicultural, with some of the most common expat communities coming from the United States and throughout Europe. Information about specific countries can be found through the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

For example, by using these statistics, you could learn that there are around 37,600 Malta-born people currently residing in Australia. Australia was a popular immigration location for many Maltese during WW1 and WW2, when many parts of the island were bombed during air-raids. According to Choice Holidays, you can still visit the underground shelters throughout Malta where many had to live during the bombings. Luckily, these days, Maltese have much more pleasant reasons for immigrating to Australia.

Cost of living in Australia

Another common question is how does the cost of living in Australia compare to other countries. It is important to note that many expatriates from Europe and the United States find the cost of living in Australia high. This is due to higher prices on items and because of higher taxes.

Generally, the highest cost of living will be in major cities, such as Sydney and Melbourne. Smaller cities and more rural areas will have lower costs of living. Don’t let this news discourage you, however. There are ways to save yourself money, such as getting rid of your car and using public transportation. All major cities have trains and most major towns have bus networks.

Some people also feel as though they get paid less, which can make the cost of living more overwhelming. However, the minimum wage in Australia (as of July 2019) is $18.93 and unemployment is low. Expats will need to gain the right work permits before they can begin working. Begin talking to a career advisor that can advise you of the right steps to take. This can help you find and secure the right type of job before you even move.

Climate of Australia

If you think Australia is all hot and humid, think again! Australia is very large, so the climate will depend on what area of the country. In fact, there is so much diversity in weather patterns, that many expats can find the perfect location for them. Before you commit to a location, research the location to see what the climate is like.

In general, this is what you can expect from the different areas of the country. Northern Australia is the most tropical, with humid weather and monsoons. Western Australia is extremely hot in the summer months and extremely cold in the winter months. Southern Australia has distinct seasons with a temperate climate.

Advice for living as an expat

If you move forward with moving to Australia, be prepared to step out of your comfort zone. The best way to get accustomed to your new home is to get out and explore. Go down new paths while you’re out walking, join a club, shop like a local, and immerse yourself in the culture. If you’re struggling to meet new people, consider signing up for a class where you have to interact with others.

At the same time, however, it is also good to have some small connections to home. Reach out to other expats in your town. Stay connected to friends and family back home through social media and phone calls. Find stores in the area that sell food from back home. You can also schedule the occasional visit to return to your home country to visit friends and family.

Final thoughts

Moving abroad can be a great experience if you take the time to research ahead of time. Whether you’re looking for a new career, want to form new relationships, need a change in your life, or simply love Australia, the land down under could be your next home.

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