Calming Dog Beds: The Ultimate Pet Travel Accessory

Calming Dog Beds: The Ultimate Pet Travel Accessory

We all love to explore the open road with our pets. What's better than going on a long extended road trip with your best friend?

Unfortunately taking your pup out on the open road and in an unfamiliar environment can be unsettling for many dogs. It is estimated around 40% of all dogs in Australia experience symptoms of anxiety. This may be further exacerbated when pets are taken in cars or planes.

That’s when we stumbled across calming dog beds. These portable pet beds are carefully engineered to help mimic the natural sleep environment of your pup. Making them feel less stressed and anxious and ideal for reducing travel induced anxiety.

The best part? The beds are versatile enough to be taken with you on the go. Easily foldable and able to be stored in standard-sized luggage and the car. It's also ideal for long road trips to help ease car anxiety. They’re super easy to pack, clean and use on the go and thanks to its rubber outer sole base, it won't move around or slide when your dog sinks into it.

As an added benefit, most calming dog beds are bacteria and odour resistant and you can easily remove the outer cover of your bed and wash on a gentle cycle in the washing machine once back at home.

Calming Dog Beds

The Science Behind Calming Dog Beds

Calming pet beds are typically donut shaped and easily allow your pet to burrow so that they can feel safer and less anxious.

Thanks to its raised edges, which intensify the feeling of comfort and reduce stress, the beds optimise support and comfort. The edges of the bed are extra high to ensure your pet feels a sense of security (similar to sleeping against their mother or siblings in the litter).

You can also find many calming pet beds made from memory foam material. These are typically classified as an Orthopaedic Calming Dog Bed and are usually best for older dogs with tendon and joint pain or who have just undergone surgery. The memory foam acts to contour around your pets unique body shape which helps ease stress on joints and bones. 

In Summary

With a calming pet bed, you too can give your furry friend more than an ordinary bed and help replicate the natural sleep environment of your dog, resulting in notably reduced levels of stress and anxiety even during car travel or a pet vacay. 

Calming pet beds come in all sizes for all breeds, small through extra-large, and can be found in many stylish colours to suit any modern home interior. If you’re considering one we’d recommend buying them from a reputable source and check out any online reviews before purchasing. 

Posted By Lorna Rooney

Updated : 5th February 2022 | Words : 452 | Views : 545

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