Buying Luggage

Buying Luggage

What type of Luggage will I need? This is a common dilemma for anybody embarking on a new journey. It depends on the type of trip you will be taking and how much you want to spend. There are so many options to choose from, ranging from rucksacks to suitcases with two or four wheels to hard case suitcases and suitcases with expandable zippers.

Most organised tours have weight and size luggage restrictions. If you will be joining a tour it is best to double check the luggage restrictions so that you can purchase the correct type of luggage. Some operators have strict luggage restrictions so it is best to do your homework instead of being stuck in an awkward situation. Some tours will require soft backpacks (rucksacks) while others you can get away with a suitcase. Rucksacks are great for backpacking and there are many styles and varieties available, such as day trekking backpacks, airspace rucksacks, rucksacks with wheels and rehydration compartments.

If you decide to opt for a suitcase make sure you choose a good quality suitcase with strong fabric/casing and zips. You often hear horror stories of ripped suitcases on the luggage carousel. Don’t be a victim of poorly made luggage, check that the zips and wheels are in good condition before purchasing. If you find yourself in an awkward situation at the airport check with customer service as some airports offer luggage repairs. Another useful tip is to check airline luggage restrictions. Airlines can charge ridiculous fees if your luggage is over the weight restriction, if you are in doubt buy some scales so you don’t have to go through your luggage at the airport.

Other Useful Tips:

  • When purchasing luggage make sure everything is in working order
  • Travel as light as possible so you have room for Duty Free and gifts, new clothes etc
  • Don’t store valuable items in your luggage such as cameras and laptops
  • Make sure you always lock your luggage when flying or storing luggage out of sight
  • Zip ties/ Cable ties are great for peace of mind
  • If your luggage looks like it has been tampered with, alert the authorities straight away before handling your luggage
  • Include your contact details on a luggage tag in case your luggage is lost - not your address !!
  • Pack a change of clothes in your carry on just in case
  • Never leave your luggage unattended

 If you have any luggage advise or horror stories we would love to hear from you.

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