An Australian Souvenir From Your Australian Trip

An Australian Souvenir From Your Australian Trip

Finding a souvenir that truly reflects Australia’s unsurpassed natural beauty and unforgettable experiences you had while travelling around this vast continent is not necessarily an easy task. If the standard furry koala, larrikin kangaroo wearing a traditional outback cork hat or a t-shirt sporting colourful Australian slang just won’t do, what’s the alternative?

For a personal memento to keep for yourself or if you want to share the deep spirit of your adventures with others on your return home, you need to find a uniquely Australian item representing the splendour of this vast continent that will be treasured forever.

The good news is, you can share memories with your loved ones through a gift that not only reflects Australia’s magnificence, but has its origins in the essence of Australia – its earth.

Take an Australian opal home with you

By choosing to buy an opal, you’ll not only be bringing home with you one of the most beautiful stones in the world, but also one of the rarest.
Over 95 percent of the world’s precious opals are mined down under – from the ‘Olympic Australis’ to South Australia’s ‘Andamooka’ Opal, ‘Flame Queen’ Opal and the ‘Halley's Comet’ Opal, the largest uncut black opal in the world.
The desert sandstones from which Australian opals are extracted have provided a unique geological environment that, over millions of years, has captured Australia’s splendour in a kaleidoscopic myriad of patterns combining the crimson tones of the ‘red centre’, the auburn hues of the outback, all the colours of the rainbow and the soft shine of its coastal seas.

Fashionable jewellery from the earth

Numerous stories surround the origins of opals, but none are as colourful as the tales told by Australian Indigenous people. According to an Aboriginal legend, when the creator came down to earth on a rainbow to deliver a message of peace to humans, the stones in the very spot where his feet landed became alive and began sparkling in all the colours of the rainbow, forming the first opals. That’s why, when you buy an Australian opal, you are buying all that Australia stands for – peace, harmony and beauty.

A well-kept secret carefully preserved in the earth for thousands of years, Australia’s precious opals are now carefully handcrafted. At Opals Australia, expert craftsmen use the traditional beauty of this precious stone to transform them into exceptional pieces of contemporary jewellery.

Opal designs for any taste or occasion

Whether you want a souvenir for yourself or a gift that is truly one-of-a-kind by its origin in nature, Australian opals are available in settings to suit any individual’s jewellery preference.

Elegant Earrings

EarringsFrom among the Opals Australia range of bangles, pendants, rings, necklaces or brooches, your friends and family will be able to turn any outfit into elegant, timeless fashion.

Any wardrobe item will gain a new lease on life with these contemporary but classy solid inlay opal and sterling silver earrings or any of the other unique pieces of Australian designer opal jewellery you take back home with you.


Beautiful Bangles

BanglesAnd how about a vibrant gift to enhance the classic black dress and make its wearer the centre of attention? Try this carefully crafted, chic, sterling silver bangle with beautiful solid light opals or the equally striking sterling silver pendant with four solid light opals. Suited to both work and formalwear, these unique jewellery items are perfect for the dynamic women in your life who wants a touch of easy and sophisticated style.


Pendants with passion


Opal jewellery in any form is a gift that makes a statement where ever on the body it’s worn. But for those who like to add drama to special occasions, or to dress up a casual look quickly, you can’t go wrong with a lone pendant as a welcome addition to the wardrobe of a friend, family member – or for yourself. What a way to remember your trip and extend the spirit of your Australian adventure to others.


Quality Cufflinks


As gifts, Australian Opals are a unique gift for the men in your circle of friends and family – or of course for the male traveller looking for a lasting memento of his journey. At Opals Australia there’s a large range of smart and well-priced opal cufflinks. For wear while doing business or on formal occasions, these are a timeless way to be remembered for your generosity of spirit or for yourself, as a reminder of what you were thinking about them while enjoying Australia’s surf or scenery.


Personal gifts to last forever

Opals are said to match a person’s unique set of individual traits and have the ability to enhance different aspects in their lives. For instance, the Common Opal is said to stimulate feelings of self-worth and improve working and business relationships, while the Boulder Opal promotes mental clarity, emotional security, and spiritual progression.

So when you make the decision to purchase opal jewellery for your loved ones waiting for you at home, you can select the type of opal that best reflects their nature. In doing so, you’ll be ticking all the boxes that make a perfect Australian souvenir:

  • A long-lasting reminder of your love and friendship; 
  • A true reflection of the experiences on your journey; 
  • A personalised gift that reflects your thoughts about that person; 
  • An affordable yet elegant gift for your loved ones. 

Visit Opals Australia today to browse through their extensive range of contemporary designer opal jewellery and know you are taking a piece of Australia back home with you that will last forever.

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