A Complete Guide on Relocating to Australia

A Complete Guide on Relocating to Australia

Australia is becoming an increasingly popular location for people looking to relocate for business, pleasure or familial reasons. In fact, in 2017, Australia led the world in the number of immigrants with net assets of $1 million or more relocating to the country. Australia has much to offer in terms of diversity, opportunities and wonderful things to see and do. For those looking to become full-time Australians, there are a few things you need to know ahead of time, such as the requirements for residency and how to gain full citizenship.

What Kind of Permanent Resident Visa Do You Qualify For?

If you’ve vacationed in Australia and have made the decision to quit your job, release some extra funds, and pack up the family pet to move here, the first step would be to check which of the permanent resident visas you and/or your family qualify for. There are several ways to gain permanent residency, and each type of visa comes with various requirements and costs.

The most common type of residency visa that people moving to Australia seek is a work visa, which is offered by an Australian employer who sponsors skilled candidates. To qualify for this type of visa, you’ll need to meet certain requirements based on a specific points system that the Australian government lays out. For a work visa of this type, your employer will typically pay for the costs associated with the process.

If you don’t quite make up all the points required for a skilled work visa, there’s also an option for business owners and investors to apply for permanent visas. It’s important to note that to apply as an investor, you’ll need to have at least AUD$1.5 million invested for four years.

The Final Steps to Permanent Citizenship

After four years as a resident in the country, you’ll need to pass an English language and Australian culture citizenship tests. You have to pass the English language exam before taking the written part, which includes questions about Australian history, government, and the privileges that all Australian citizens receive.

The country is known for its progressive approach to democracy and implements a mandatory voting rule to encourage people to interact and participate with their government. As a plus, there are "sausage sizzles” each Election Day. Simply put, it’s worth it to put in the time and work needed to become an Australian citizen, as you’ll be rewarded with benefits and a lifestyle that can’t be beaten.

Benefits to Being Australian

From 2016-2017, there were over 183,000 new migrants under the permanent residency scheme, mos coming from India, China and the UK. Permanent residents noted, of the many benefits of living in Australia, they most enjoyed a prosperous, democratic society, with a clean environment, and a famously good lifestyle. From the sweeping views of the Australian outback to the stunning beaches and cricket games, there’s a lot to love about Australia, and we’re here waiting for you with open arms.

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