6 Reasons That Hybrid Bikes Are Becoming the Go-To For Everyday Cycling in Australia

6 Reasons That Hybrid Bikes Are Becoming the Go-To For Everyday Cycling in Australia

Many commuters around Melbourne choose to cycle to work rather than face traffic driving or deal with overcrowded public transportation.

These same people often cycle for fun on the weekends, taking advantage of the many different terrains and sceneries the Melbourne area has to offer. If you want to make the most of cycling in Melbourne you need a bike that’s both comfortable and versatile.

This is why hybrid bikes are becoming a frequent purchase at Melbourne bike shops. Riders are attracted to the ease, usability and low price tag of hybrid bikes, making them the perfect purchase for the everyday city cyclist.

What is a hybrid bike?

A hybrid bike combines features of a road bike with features of a mountain bike in order to get the most comfortable and versatile product.

While the exact features tend to vary to suit preferences towards road bike features and mountain bike features, hybrid bikes general make use of a frame and handlebars that encourage an upright riding position and wider tyres than a road bike.

Why are hybrid bikes so popular?


The upright riding position of a hybrid bike is one of the reasons they are a more comfortable choice for commuters. Being in this position is often more comfortable than the more hunched posture of a road bike.

Another comfort feature is the seat. These can often be padded for more casual comfort than either a mountain bike or road bike. Hybrid bikes also often have suspension seats to absorb bumps in the road.


Hybird bikes have more speed and agility than mountain bikes. Whether you are cycling in the city or on gravel or dirt trails, you know your hybrid bike will perform well. The combination of features allows for a certain ease to any ride.


When you live in a city or its surrounding suburbs, you often use your bike in a variety of ways. It’s a mode of transportation to get you to and from work and run errands, as well as being a source of athletic leisure and adventure on the weekends. You might ride through the CBD and tour the countryside, and you don’t want to have to buy different bikes for different activities.

The versatility of hybrid bikes is one of the main reasons they are so appealing to Australian cyclists. A hybrid bike is a go to choice for all settings and seasons.


The materials used for hybrid bikes are generally very lightweight. While you may get some of the more durable features of a mountain bike, you are definitely not signing up for a mountain bike’s heft and bulk. Similarly, hybrid bikes use the lightweight feel of a road bike without the vulnerability.

The result is a lightweight bike with both control and flexibility.

Less expensive

Another feature of hybrid bikes that appeals to buyers is the low price tag in comparison to road bikes.

Single purpose bikes are more expensive because the features have to cater to professional riders. Hybrid bikes are generally used by every day riders who are more concerned with usability than with fancy features.

Easy choice

Finally, hybrid bikes make it easy to make the choice to ride instead of using cars or public transportation. Riding a bike is good for your health and doesn’t harm the environment. The comfort and versatility of hybrid bikes makes it easier to choose a healthier and better method of transportation.

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