6 Little Known Tips For Motoring Enthusiasts For Adrenaline Rush

6 Little Known Tips For Motoring Enthusiasts For Adrenaline Rush

Are you a motoring enthusiast? Do you like the ultimate thrill when you get behind the wheel? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this article is for you. The tips below will provide you with the best things you can do to make your car an adrenaline driving machine.

1. Nitrous Oxide for Speed Demons

Nitrous oxide is all about speed. When you add this substance to your engine it will provide a power boost in speed that will make you move at the speed of light. You can get a nitrous oxide kit and improve your vehicle’s rate of velocity. If you don’t know how to add this type of kit to your vehicle, then hire someone knowledgeable to do it. Keep in mind that nitrous oxide is not street legal in a lot of places. Also, we don’t encourage that you use this substance for street racing activities. Nitrous oxide is best used for racing tracks or designated areas where drivers can drive very fast without causing injury, damage or harm to anything or anyone.

2. Car Skydiving

If you’re a car motoring enthusiast and you want the ultimate adrenaline rush, then try car skydiving. Yes, it is a real thing that people do. First, you should learn how skydive before you try to perform this feat with a car. Second, you will have to find a car that you can modify for skydiving purposes. This means build up the underbody to absorb impact, secure the fluids to keep them from escaping while in the air and outfitting the vehicle with a big enough parachute to support its weight.

Your vehicle will also need to be made more aerodynamic to make it through this process. Finally, you will have to find someone (pay a lot of money and have good insurance) to drop you from a perfectly good working plane to the ground. Once you have these factors in place, you can car skydive from a plane and live out your adrenaline-fueled desires to the fullest.

3. Create a Powerful Engine for the Road

Automotive adrenaline junkies create a powerful engine for their vehicles. This type of modification will allow a motoring enthusiast to pull heavier loads, to traverse rugged terrain and to plow through objects with greater force. To create a powerful engine, you will need to improve your vehicle’s cold air intake, reduce vehicle weight and attach a cat-back exhaust system. A turbo charger or a super charger engine mechanism will improve your vehicle’s torque and horsepower. This extra power will give you the extra boost and power you need to dominate the road.

4. Add more Interior Computerization and Updated Vehicle Tech

You can add updated computerized components and technologies to your vehicle. You can start by transforming your old (and outdated) stereo system into a computerized operational machine. Add other technologies such as monitors, mobile hot spot, cameras for spotting objects, GPS units, emergency radios and scanners, MP4 player and anti-collision technology. All of these different gadgets and machines will help turn your vehicle into an updated rolling tech machine. However, new suvs come with many of these features.

5. Add a Plow to the Front of your Truck

If you an automotive adrenaline junkie, you can add a plow to the front of your truck or heavy-duty SUV and tackle the road. You can plow the cold and frozen roads during the winter or move dirt around in places that other vehicles won’t go. A plow added to the front of your truck just makes being out on the road a lot more entertaining.

6. Customize exterior features

You can customize your vehicle’s exterior with features such as glow in the dark pain and customized spoilers and wheels. Adding skirts, underbody lights and tinted windows will also help to improve a vehicle’s exterior. You can also get a top of the line paint job to make your ride look brand new. Adrenaline junkies will get a kick out of these different features because it will help their vehicles to be ready for the road.

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