4 Tips for Boating in Queensland

4 Tips for Boating in Queensland

With sunny days, spectacular coastlines and awesome fishing, there's no doubt that it's hard to beat Queensland for great boating opportunities. Whether you prefer drifting through the rivers with a line in the water, or speeding towards the reef or the wrecks with a scuba tank ready to go, you're sure to find the perfect area in the sunny state. But before you pull up anchor and sail away, here are a few decent tips to make the most of your boating trip in Queensland.

1. Don't follow your nose

Using the stars for navigation? Just don't. Invest in some decent GPS, and make sure you've uploaded the most current map systems. You don't want to re-chart the coast of Queensland unnecessarily. If you're sticking to the lakes and rivers, you might not feel it's necessary, but if in doubt, just ask yourself: do I have the navigation skills of an 18th century explorer? If the answer is no, get a GPS.

2. Know the area

Queensland has beautiful boating opportunities, but they aren't much fun if you run aground on reef you didn't know was there while fending away local poisonous jellyfish. Know what to expect in the area for that time of year, and understand the differences in the flora and fauna throughout the state. The further north you go, the more likely you are to see beautiful coral reefs. And crocodiles.

3. Have the right licences and know the rules

There's nothing worse than planning a trip out on the boat with mates, only to be slapped with a fine. Some boats and drivers need licences to operate in Queensland, and everyone has to abide by the state-wide ‘road' rules. Read up before you go out. This will save you wasting good beer money on avoidable fines.

4. Store your boat safely

Unless you live in a houseboat (in which case, awesome!), you need somewhere safe to store your boat while you rest your sea legs. Not everyone is blessed with a separate garage for their boat, so you might need to consider a self-storage option for your precious marine vehicle. Companies like Fort Knox have storage facilities throughout Queensland, so you can travel from Mackay to Narangba without a worry.

Whether you're heading for the ocean, the lakes or the rivers, these are just a few tips for making the most of your Queensland boating holiday. Have you got advice for people heading out onto the water in the sunshine state? Share your suggestions below.

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