10 Things to Plan for Before You Set off on a Road Trip

10 Things to Plan for Before You Set off on a Road Trip

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So, you’ve decided to venture out onto the open road and see where it takes you. Road trips are a great way to feel a sense of adventure and freedom, but you shouldn’t simply up and go without taking the time to do some proper planning, especially in a country as vast as Australia, where towns are hundreds of miles apart. Making sure you have planned for certain things before you set off such as noting down the number of a good Gold Coast Mobile Mechanic or a map of where you’re headed will mean that you can be safe in the knowledge that you’re as safe and prepared as you can be for the trip of a life time.

1. The Route

First you need to decide where you want to go and how long for. It doesn’t have to be a strict itinerary, depending on your travel style, but mapping out a rough route to stick to will make life easier for planning and while you’re on the road. Pick out sightseeing spots on the way and pre-book accommodation, so you can guarantee a place to stay each night. In high season, popular tourist spots will get busy, so it’s not always a good idea to free-wheel it.

2. Map

This may sound obvious, but make sure you have the most up to date map of the area you’re travelling. If you’re using satellite navigation, it might not always work in remote areas so shouldn’t be completely relied upon.

3. Travel Agenda

As part of your route planning factor in where you want to go and when, but make sure you don’t get over ambitious with long drives. Allow time to take it steady and enjoy the scenery along the way. Driving is tiring, so being realistic with how long you can drive for and allowing for regular breaks is a must.

4. Service Your Car

Before you set off, take your car for a service to get everything checked out from the battery to fluid levels. You need to be sure your car is in good condition to be able to cope with a road trip, so you don’t encounter any issues miles from home, which can be expensive and waste precious holiday time.

5. Emergency Car Kit

In the name of being prepared, it’s best to kit your car out in case you do have any problems. Ensure you have jump leads, flashlight and batteries, First Aid Kit, flares, blanket and bottled water & non-perishable snacks stowed away in a waterproof container, just in case.

6. Spare Keys

Be sure that a second person on the trip has a spare set of keys to get into the vehicle and homes, just in case the driver loses the other set or gets locked out of the car.

7. Road-side Assistance

Before hitting the road, it’s worth researching road-side assistance companies in the area you’re visiting. For example if you’re heading along the Gold Coast Road, it’s worth having the number for a Gold Coast Mechanic in case you do break down.

8. Cooler Box

Have a cooler box stocked with water and snacks that can be re-stocked as you go. It’s a great way  to save money on dining out and means you won’t go hungry if there’s a long distance between stops.

9. Clean Your Car

Before you go, get your car cleaned inside and out. You’ll be spending a lot of time in it, so it’s important it’s clean and comfortable. Also carry plenty of hand wipes and plastic bags for rubbish, wet clothes, etc.

10. In-car Entertainment

Keep everyone entertained with plenty of music, audio books, games and books along the way. You can finally make the ultimate road trip playlist!

Having everything set up for the perfect road trip means you’ll have less to worry about on the road. Happy Driving!

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