The Best 7 Weekend Getaways for Your Family in Australia

The Best 7 Weekend Getaways for Your Family in Australia

Australia is a country full of surprises. There are major metropolitan areas, like Sydney, there are beautiful beaches that stretch for hundreds of miles, and there’s the often unexplored outback, where wild creatures and unknown adventures await.

In a country so diverse, it might be hard to determine where to take your family on a weekend getaway. Where you head to depends on whether you are driving or flying, where you’re traveling from, and the type of getaway you seek. To help you find the best weekend getaway for you and your family, we’ve compiled a list of 7 of the best weekend getaways in Australia for a number of different passions.

1. Sydney


Sydney will likely be your first stop on your Australian trip, both because of its diverse activities and because it’s convenient to travel to and from. Sydney is the country’s most populated and visited city, and it's not hard to see why.

When traveling with the whole family, you have to make sure to take the harbor cruise along the city’s two most iconic structures, the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. Both of these spots are architectural miracles and it’s worth a quick sail past to see some of the most popular sites in the country. Other activities in Sydney include seeing Bondi Beach, visiting the Blue Mountains by gondola, or just taking the Big Bus around downtown Sydney and learning all about the city’s past, present, and future.

2. Hobart, Tasmania


After you've had your city fix, head over to Hobart, where you can experience world-class dining, local art galleries, and plenty of nature sites. One of Hobart's key draws for locals and tourists alike is the fact that it is one of only five gateways to Antarctica. Many Antarctic explorers head to this southern town, but there are actually things to do for the whole family in Hobart. For example, you can walk around the waterfront and stop by some of the many galleries, theaters, restaurants, and shopping, or you can stop by the local farmers market on Saturday morning to pick out some goodies for your own.

Hobart has lots of history, including some that is better left undead. That’s right, Hobart is also home to Ghost Tours of Hobart and Battery Point, an eerie adventure that guides you through the city’s ghostly past.

3. Launceston, Tasmania


Since you’re in Tasmania after your adventures in Hobart, stop by Launceston to experience another great Australian getaway. This charming town may be small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in family-friendly activities. One of those is exploring the Cataract Gorge Reserve, which is a nature reserve full of places to eat, parks and gardens, and self-drive itineraries. Want to make your own adventure at this nature escape? All you need is a reliable SUV, a tank of gas, and a heart for adventure. Families can experience the Convict Trail, Cradle Country, the Great Eastern Drive, and many more. Pack up the car and the kids and hit the road to enjoy an Australian weekend getaway that is sure to be one to remember.

4. Cairns, Queensland


Make your way out of Tasmania and head to Queensland for your next choice in Australian weekend getaways. Cairns is commonly called the “gateway to the Great Barrier Reef” because of its proximity to the largest coral garden in the world. Even if you aren’t an expert scuba diver, you can still enjoy this natural escape with the whole family. There are many secret islands of the Great Barrier Reef where you can swim with manta rays, explore coral cayes, and book a resort room that feels like you have the island all to yourself. Not sure where to start? The below islands are some of Cairns’ hidden gems:

  • Lizard Island has 24 white, sandy beaches ready to be explored. The island is named after the many wild lizards that roam in the sunshine, and visitors can also see tropical birds, marine life, and many other once-in-a-lifetime experiences.
  • Haggerstone Island is where families who want the ultimate luxury and relaxation stay. This self-sustaining luxury resort is home to over-water cabanas that serve as your gateway to scuba diving and snorkeling adventures. But if you want to stay on Haggerstone Island, book now because they keep the accommodations at extremely limited numbers to preserve the privacy and luxury of the resort.
  • Heron Island is home to nesting sea turtles, seabirds, and much more live wildlife. You won't find a TV on Heron Island, but who needs one when you have all the natural entertainment you need.  It's Simple- grab your snorkel and dive right in and swim alongside some of the ocean's most beautiful creatures.

These are just a few of the many amazing islands in Cairns. Visiting Cairns might have to become much longer than just a weekend vacation!

5. Brisbane, Queensland


Speaking of Queensland, Brisbane is also a great weekend getaway in Australia. It’s the third largest city in Queensland and offers visitors a different transportation option than you might be used to. The city runs on CityCats, or ferries that take you along the Brisbane River. There are more than 20 CityCats that can take you to and from where you want to go in an easy and fun way.

6. The Gold Coast, Queensland

Gold Coast

Grab your surfboard and head to The Gold Coast for a weekend getaway that is full of sun, sand, and surf. Broadbeach and Surfers Paradise are the two most popular districts in the area and the whole coast boasts over 30 miles of beaches.

7. Ballarat


For the history buffs in the family, Ballarat is for you. Ballarat came to popularity in the 1850s during the gold rush, and so many memories of that time can still be seen throughout the city. Learn a little more about the gold mining history of this Australian city with the whole family.

There’s no shortage of amazing escapes in Australia. Whether you’re headed out on a self-drive road trip or are hitting the beach, these weekend getaways are sure to be a good time for the whole family.

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