Tasmania and why I love it.  Anyone who has visited Tasmania will tell you what a fantastic surprise it is when they finally get around to visiting. Many of us have heard all kinds of jokes about Tasmania, two heads, cold weather and so on and for some reason put off the journey.

Well I am here to dispel this negativity as I decided to have a look for myself and make my own judgement. And on my visit the weather was absolutely beautiful and despite looking very carefully I didn't see anyone with two heads. In fact I found the population of Tasmania to be some of friendliest, kindest and most helpful people I had ever met.

Thomas Edward Edwards TreePhoto: Thomas Edward Edwards Tree

So what is it that makes Tasmania a must do location to visit? Well that is always a tough question about any destination. I truly enjoyed my time in Tasmania and since returning I have found that so have all the other people I have spoken to who have visited.

Cradle MountainPhoto: Cradle Mountain.

But what did I like most? Port Arthur was certainly an interesting journey through Convict History.  Cradle Mountain is an absolutely beautiful area for hiking and exploring, nice clean air and beautiful photo opportunities.  The Markets of Hobart offered a nice morning of shopping and a range of food. Mountain Biking down Mount Wellington having taken in the views of the city from the summit was fun.

Salamanca Place in HobartPhoto: Salamanca Place, Hobart.

Then there is Bay of Fires and Henty Dunes, Wineglass Bay and so many other seaside areas for walking and getting away from it all. Areas of wonderful Waterfalls, Bushland and nature are all around.

Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary offers a great opportunity to view the world famous Tasmanian Devils, Wombats and other Australian wildlife. Caves, coves, rivers and islands to explore, Tasmania has so much to offer. Consider travelling around in a campervan, on an organised tour or by hire car, even take your own car across from Melbourne.

There is so much to see and do on this Island called Tasmania. Make sure you take a look for yourself and enjoy all its wonder. Sadly many visitors often visit the mainland neglecting one of Australia's best tourism destinations.

Find out more about Tasmania.

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Mount Wellington Summit
Henty Dunes
Tasmanian Devil
Salamanca Place in Hobart
Cradle Mountain
Thomas Edward Edwards Tree



Hi everyone, Ive loved reading your comments and generally a lot on Tasmania and on paper I love the place.
Im from the UK and Tasmania is a place I have longed to visit so I am planning it now for late 2016 early 2017 and hope to cycle tour {my favourite mode of transport} as far as I can over 6 weeks so if anyone can suggest routes, places to stay, pictures or general info etc please feel free to contact me. My body age is 62 and my head thinks Im 30 but I think thats quite normal eh :-) experienced touring cyclist.


Posted By Walt on Friday 29th January 2016 @ 00:28:39


Just visited Tasmania for the first time. I should have visited years ago it is now my favourite part of Australia !!

Posted By Jane on Thursday 21st March 2013 @ 02:50:35


Third time to Tasmania so we clearly have enjoyed the small population and the beautiful landscape. We didn't do the tourist hot spots during this last trip and instead did the east coast. Beautiful. Different. We hope it doesn't change. We were a little disturbed with the damage caused by 4 wheel drives around Arthur River.


We can well understand why the Parks Service has closed off some camping roads into the Sand dunes. We walked to the dunes and saw how these Riparian areas had the life ripped out of them with car tyre tracks criss crossed across the grass land. We heard how most of the locals dont want a World Heritage listing along the West Coast and they want to continue doing what ever they like; but surely with the number of 4 wheel drives about they can see that times are changing and damage is being caused that cant ever be reversed!! The West Coast is fabulous and a wonderful experience. I'd love to see if kept as beautiful as it is for the next time we visit.


We drove through Hobart and up the North Coast. Saw the free camping grounds every where and wondered how can Tassie take advantage of all the tourist who travel around the state staying at free camping areas. And why shouldnt they. The views the peace. And its free. The caravans and campervans dont need any services to be provided. We thought getting rid of rubbish was a trick. They dont want that. But we buy the rubbish packaging in the towns. What do the Councils want us to do with our packaging? A little disturbed with Devonport, while waiting for the boat home. Come on Devonport Council; give the tourist an experience in the town. Why have you closed off your main street? Why have you put parking meters on the brief bit of main street you can drive on? Why are there no trendy coffee lounges or eateries? Why have us all wait in our vans down by the park? Devonport Council get your act together and let the tourist spend some money before they get on the boat. How about some Tasmanian food? How about some Tasmanian trinkets? Give us something to take home.


You have a great state. Look after the tourists in their vans--that is giving a great deal of thought to the 60+ age group.

Posted By Kath2013 on Saturday 2nd March 2013 @ 10:41:00


Totally agree Mick, Lived in Launceston for 3 years and did a lot of travel on the island and had an enjoyable time. So much to see and do in such a small place.


I agree that the people are friendly and I did not miss the hustle and bustle of the North Island. I have many stories to tell of the people and places and all good. Be back for Christmas 2012

Posted By gm on Saturday 4th August 2012 @ 11:54:40




Posted By mick
Posted By mick
Byron Bay

Byron Bay
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Byron Bay
Byron Bay
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